GameStop Suspension

We’re currently not able to accept new orders for GameStop (GME) as our intermediary - Interactive Brokers are unable to process them. They are working on resolving this ASAP.

N.B. :red_square: The unprecedented market activity in GameStop is causing extreme strain on the entire trade execution ecosystem worldwide.
We want to warn you of potential disruptions due to the excessive market risk of trading extremely volatile shares. Order execution of stocks with incredibly heightened trading activity such as GameStop and AMC Entertainment might face sudden and unforeseen circumstances. Please, consider the risks before placing an order with these securities.


Hi, my sell order is stuck under “cancelling” and hence cannot sell my stocks, is there anything you could do to help me? Cheers

Do not sell it hold it


Hi David! I cannot find any official messaging from IB confirming this. Is there anything you can point me to? I was also wondering if you have any idea when trading will resume, is this a matter of hours or days?


When are the institutions to manipulate and leaving individuals to hold the bag, everything is fine. When it’s the other way around, it’s manipulation, ridiculous!


I imagine it’s because the brokers are getting smashed to bits right now and can’t cover positions?


You have lost me as a customer from today. I am switching to Degiro as soon as I can.

I hardly care about any intermediary etc. If one is not even allowed to set a limit order it becomes straight up robbery.

I tried to set a limit order to sell above 370. Now I will have to eat up the loss of proit.


Wondering if this caused by lending out all our shares?


On a side note - there was another topic regarding the GameStop suspension, which was closed & delisted.

We put the best intentions to explain that the whole situation with the trading suspension is not related to us (rather the intermediary), yet many inappropriate posts were created in the meantime. Thus the reason why we do not consider that all this corresponds with the constructive feedback vibe which we aim to maintain in our community.


did (((they))) shut down IBKR and T212?

I am on about another stock

EDIT: Cannot believe the original thread was deleted/locked. There were legitimate complains mixed with a lot of malarkey.

Note taken.


Not deleted just locked

Every client of Trading 212 has the right to submit a complaint, following the procedures described on our site and as per the FCA guidelines. What we witnessed in the other post was completely inappropriate and not in our community’s tone.


IB are still accepting GME orders. I just checked.


Post up a picture or something

What a crazy trading day

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I can’t decide if I should be happy or sad I stayed out of Gamestop today

Insane trading day


I just made that comment so that I would get approved to post.

Mods removed my my last comment and stopped me from replying with my main account.

Moving from Trading 212 after this, I’m stuck in a position because I am unable to buy or sell.