General Motors (GM) - opinions

I have a small amount of 26 shares in GM. It was the first investment I made in my life. The return was almost always in the negative then they cut the dividend. Now it turned positive, and I am thinking of selling the whole position to buy more Microsoft or Amazon or others.

Would you sell GM for something else? If yes, what would you buy? And if not, why?

:small_red_triangle_down:GM :hot_face::poop:

:small_red_triangle:TSLA :partying_face::clap:t4:

(50% Tesla here lol)

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Couldn’t have said it better myself :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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I already hold 25% of my portfolio in Tesla :relieved:


Depends on what else interests you then and whether you want speculation plays or solid value plays. Unless you want to increase that TSLA holding for the long term of course

On the speculation front have you any interest in space? I’m hoping for some great growth in SPCE, MAXR and SRAC. May be worth a look depending on what you are interested in.

To be honest if I currently held any legacy auto maker and had the chance to sell for a slight profit now, I would get out as quick as I could.

Depends on if you want massive spec growth potential or solid established companies like Microsoft and Amazon that you mentioned. They are both fairly solid for delivering steady growth year on year.

I want to know what you guys would have done, just to have an idea.

If you are in profit, I’d sell. Then reinvest the money in growth stocks.

That’s just my opinion though.

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I would keep GM if you already hold it. Smarter people than me that have actually done the numbers (I haven’t) think it’s a good idea. They think Cruise is worth the entire market cap so you get all of the production for free. If they’re right, people are sleeping on GM because they’re too last to do the work properly. Worth looking into imo

If I were you I would sell GM, as long as you’re in profit and buy Ford instead because the price is relatively cheaper and it has better upside potential.

Well I’m a newbie so I was interested to see the replies, as a lot of people advise is do your research before any investing, when the market closes that’s when I like to do my research.

I also look at the graphs, if you see a graph for a month it may look good but change it to a year and you will see how that company has performed, the GM may be on the highest peak it has ever been on then yes I would sell because going off the graph it may be likely to fall, but if the back graph shows they have had higher peaks it may be worth hanging on for a while then sell a bit later.

Also have you only one stock you are investing in or have you invested in any others, I personally like to have a few different types?


I wouldn’t touch GM personally.

Above the moving 200 (red) and 50 (green) EMAs and at 67 RSI isn’t a great buy atm. If you played the Covid drop that was a smart move but I’d be selling now it’s almost back where it was.

This sums up why I wouldn’t buy, and it’s only going to get worse over the next couple of decades.

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Well, depending on your strategy, technical analysis is useful if you want to trade short term but for long term investing not so much. I have several stocks, more than 50 at any time.

I entirely agree. I took this to be an investment question.