Is tesla stock to late to buy at that price

Is it worth it at that price or will it keep going up

That depends on your time horizon. 1-11 months is impossible to predict.
1-5 years I believe it will go up.
6-10 years, I am extremely confident it will go up.


Ok thanks for that have you got money in it i am really tempted of putting money into it the way i have seen in performing over last few months

Tesla is a very volatile stock, since the price is greatly hinged on speculation (as most tech companies seem to be these days) and fluctuates on each bit of news or Musks tweets.

If you are worried its too much now, wait for a dip and buy in then as in the short-mid term, Tesla is still a very strong brand and it would take something big to make it go otherwise.

Know the fundamentals of the company and determine 3 sets of prices where you “might, will definitely and absolutely not” buy in. Then hold for as long as you are confident in the Tesla brand.

News of the next product release is likely to rather far down the line however with the Truck already being displayed.

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It all depends on their earnings. Rumblings are they will announce free cash flow for the first time. Which is good, but then what is the outlook?

Take AMD for example. They just announced some stellar earnings. revenue is up 150%, sales 69%, they have the CPU and GPU for both Xbox and PS5 this year except their premarket price is dropping as wallstreet th9ought they should have done a tiny bit better.

In longterm no doubt tesla will go up. They are the market leaders for electric but also do the solar panels and more. Not just cars.

Im on the tesla train but for Elon. Hes one of those rare visionary leaders who will do great things like Jobs did. The other car makers are stuck with some old school execs who look at nothing but the balance sheet.

If you want some real fun though look at $SPCE.


Good help that is have you got shares in the company

I don’t hold any shares of Tesla as the price is too large for me to want to get involved. 1 share of Tesla would be 1/3rd of my portfolio.

I mainly focus on dividend payers that I have personally experienced and that are relatively stable and low volatility. I will get the occasional growth stock for capital appreciation, however that’s further down the line. perhaps when I have funded my account with 2 years worth of deposits and my principal investment comes to roughly £8000~£10000.

I currently only have positions in Pepsico, Unilever and Occidental Petroleum, with a pending transfer to reopen my position in Continental.

From what I can see as a bystander, while I wouldn’t put Steve Jobs and Elon Musk on the same level, their respective influence via their companies share a great many similarities. As long as Elon still runs the show at Tesla, I find it hard to believe Tesla will do badly.

Just considering how Tesla does not need to actively market their own products in the same venue as all other automotive and tech companies, because a single tweet will have others willing to do it for him. that’s a great deal of revenue staying inside the company for R&D and not being wasted on billboards or Primetime TV ad campaigns.


I bought my first fraction of Tesla share at end of Dec '19 and been adding to it since, building it up to 0.523 of a share, so far. And up 31% as of today due to the minor bull run and earnings report. I am expecting some kind of pullback so I can pump in a substantial amount but at it stands, just adding little by little fortnightly.

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An intersting point is that Elon on the investors call says that Tesla has spent $0 on advertising. No TV ads, no magazine, newspapers etc yet still managed to generate billions.

So while sales may be lower, not spending tens of millions on advertising is a massive money saver.

And I can see why. I opened my towns local paper and magazine that goes through everyone’s door and its full of ads. Loads of ads for car leasing and hire companies and all using pictures of… Tesla to promote their business. Free marketing.

What car do people talk about that they want to own? Tesla

Reddit is a great place to hang out. Browse the popular or all catagory and there is always talk about new cars but not all cars, just tesla. Its an amazing hype train and it is long overdue for a crash (correction) soon im sure. But what other car manufacturer has a vision for the future. A vision to make better, cheaper cars? Most car makers are still trying to find ways to add electric motors and batteries to their existing chassis. They just refuse to move and design a new car from scratch. My car is a Toyota Rav 4 chassis with a big battery stuck under the rear seats. The boot space is tiny and the battery gives you 2 miles of electric travel.

Tesla could well be that big failure or it could be that stock which turns people into millionaires and you tell your grandkids how you could have owned some. I look back now at the likes of Apple who have had a 51,000% increase in stock price or Cisco who have had 72,000% increase in their time. All stocks I could have bought when I was a teenager when my next door neighbour Mr Mistry told me to invest in stocks and property and not live on credit. I got a job at TEscos and spent my money on new mudflaps for my corsa and stereo speakers which were too big for the door grills. Could have spent that on Cisco stocks and would be in a mansion by now.

Who knows. Invest in what you can believe in, dont follow the hype train, buy when it dives due to this coronavirus.

I personally believe it could be a real winner. Not millionaire maker but it all depends on the direction Elon takes it.


I wonder however all this tax credits in world for renewable/EV. Which actually comes from taxpayers money aiding huge corporations to have competitive pricing.

Now that TSLA used up all Tax credit, for 2020 will for the first time have full pricing without deductions.
Will it have impact on sales…

Anyway good luck to all.

I bought few at late 300 and I believe even now if possible you can bag some I have a feeling its going to reach 1000k pretty soon . But I am planning to sell them of as soon as it reaches 1000k mark. Or at the first sign of a drop too much volatility and more greed might result in big loss

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Can’t believe it’s happening so quickly, Tesla’s now worth more than Volkswagen & BMW combined.

Well you did mention it @David :joy:

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Yup those who did heed at those words during that time and took the action might be making some serious cash :slight_smile:. Not late I would say its gonna go past 1000k soon :crossed_fingers: