German stocks are not live yet - ✅ Solved

The point was that the chat is partially available as a load-balancing measure. We work with data & statistics, based on which we decide when & under what circumstances the chat will be available - that way we are ensuring that we’ll be able to attend timely all incoming inquiries.

David, how did my market order go through then? a little concerned as it’s a pretty sizeable order for me. can you help looking into it please? :slight_smile:


When can we hope to see this technical issue resolved? Surely trading 212 should be doing something to help solve this?

Did you not read the article above? What can they do?

its like telling T212 to hep solve NASDAQ issues. Its their technical issue not T212s

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they are gonna be bailed out and selling off assets to pay debts. Its all looking good imo

T 212 remove suspension please. Xetra is up and running since 2 mins ago

for all those biting their nails

it’s up on other platforms for pre market trading and auctioning, not something you’ll get on Invest and ISA accounts. hope this helps calms nerves


Pretty sure he’s responding to the post above not WDI.

As in wanted T212 to fly to Germany, knock on the door and get cracking on fixing the exchanges technical issues so the whole world can start trading again…

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you get a lol while i’m on a call with a client. dayum that wasn’t supposed to rhyme :stuck_out_tongue:

So T minus 5 minutes to :rocket:

i hope because now only 4%up for wdi and i went until 20% earlier.

Still down on mine , anyone else ?

it will go back up :slight_smile:


Left a trade open overnight(WDI) on 212, Checking Etoro all morning and its up 20%, Now down to 5%. Gutter ball.

Doesn’t this mean ~11am we might see something happen depending on how long the auction call phase is?

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T212 and Etoro use different brokers

is this Frankfurt time ?

Central European time so should be on for us soon