GGP sell price wrong

The GGP sell price is mirroring the buy price. I just sold some shares at market price which was saying 19.45p but the sale went through at 18.80p. So I lost out as the actual sell price is not showing correctly…

Hi @Hadders3 the price you see is not a fixed price quote and is indicative. Market orders execute at the best price available at the time.

To guarantee a certain price you should instead use a limit order.


Yes I understand how market and limit orders work but why is the sell price showing as 19.45p when the bid is at 18.8p? No sells on L2 are going through at 19.45p so this figure is wrong, it should be showing the actual market sell price surely

It is showing 18.75p for me. 19.45 is the buy price.

OK thanks - so it is an issue with the sell price showing on the screen with the chart and my investment details. If I click on instrument details it shows it as per the above.

@David can this be looked at? Otherwise people will assume that the sell price on the chart/‘your investment’ screen is correct.

@Hadders3 This will be resolved on Friday.

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This has been wrong on most stocks for two weeks @David

This post was actually GGP coincidentally.

The previous post above that was LAC where I spotted it was showing it was cheaper to buy LAC than sell it.

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This issue was that if you owned the stock and looked at the SELL next to your average it was the same as the ASK. Under instrument details it was correct.

It also had the issue where it lagged behind the ASK shown. I captured LAC where it was 14.33 to buy and apparently 14.35 to sell :rofl:

@David I assume this is just an interface issue, but can you also please provide an update to the Bloomberg thread of doom on what is being done to improve the feed.


David, still no resolution for the above. Any updates?

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Its amazing that this can be wrong for such a long time.

Like if it was a broker I would have wanted this fixed asap, an hour tops left broken.

Its been left broken for over a month now @David

@phildawson Have you updated the app to the latest version?

Yep it’s been on this since the 1st April but this issue was before that release.

Not showing any sign to update.

@David this issue was around in March too before that 5.20.5

Its been showing the wrong bid to millions of your customers for literally weeks :see_no_evil:

It also shows the wrong sell price when you have clicked the sell button to put through market or limit sells etc. I bet a lot of people have been caught out!

The fix for the issue has been deployed with the newest version which should be available for 100% of the users now.

If your Android app’s version is 5.21.3 or later, the issue should not be present. If it is still displayed after an app update/reinstall, please provide us with screenshots and we will investigate.

Just updated the app and the issue has been rectified

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