Issues with AIM profit showing

I have some AIM stocks purchased in pence, and the price is showing above my average so I ought to be showing a profit. But it’s showing in the red. Customer support Georgi said it’s because of FX but the companies are UK ones and there’s no FX. Alba Mineral Resources didn’t dip below my average at all this morning, but has only just showed a profit. Something is up and it’s happening with all my AIMs.

It’s the Spread, the difference between Buy and Sell.
Scroll down to Instrument Details.


@Rygel it’s a massive issue atm where the ASK is appearing where the BID is.

@David @Rumen @Tony.V @George @L.D

Can someone take a look asap. Thanks

I’ve documented it here too on GGP

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Really? In the ISA? Can you double check the figures on this screenshot, which I’ve just taken please @Rygel

If my average price is p8.13 and the sell price is p8.54, how can I be in the red?

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Its because the sell isn’t 8.54.

@David can you please respond on this

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Buy price is 8.54, as @phildawson explained it’s a display error.
To see the selling price: Scroll down to Instrument Details.

This platform has so many issues. :weary:


I have this exact same issue too. When you try selling the holding, the profit/loss seems to correct itself

We’re looking into this.

@David did you get my PM about this. I feel I’m being ghosted after pointing out multiple issues.

From the website being down and rejecting orders, missing candles, no chart at all, hidden pending orders, delay in quotes after halts.

It’s cost me significantly financially over the last couple of weeks.

I think I may have spotted another issue speaking to Wisdomtree that again cost me about £750 in losses from the wrong data being displayed.

This is regarding Wisdomtree silver and the 3x long, 2x long, long, -1x and -3x all being red on the same day. Whilst the long should have been green in app. Your interface showing both a 2% red on both the 3x long and 3x short positions.

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