Glitch bought share at high price

So I put in a purchase order for a US stock and immediate bought the stock at a much higher price than the buy price. I’m now showing as having a big loss which is completely baffling.

Any advice?

use Limit buys instead of market order.


Could you please share which stock? And I can maybe try help a little further. But yes, limit order is the solution

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The line chart is just an average, you’ll need to swap to 1 minute candles to see the ASK during that moment. It’ll show the Open High Low Close

If you bought on open with a market buy then you’ll want to have studied the pre-market action to make sure you are happy, or go in with a Limit as suggested to set a max it would fill at.

If you post what stock it is and minute and what you paid somebody can help show it.

It was Happiness Biotech HAPP and bought them at $2.50 when It was never near that and infact hasn’t got that high.

Any help will be great especially as it has NEVER happened to me. Also there wasn’t a delay in purchasing and the share price much lower at that point so it left instantly in a deficit.

Obviously you I realise you can lose immediately but the actual price and the purchase price on completion were massive.

The ASK hit 2.54 here

Looking at actual trades at the time to highest someone paid today was 2.535


If it helps someone paid 2.760 in pre market :see_no_evil:

Heavy on the irony being called Happiness.

I hope it gets pumped again so you can exit without loss.

You’re a star buddy, much appreciated!

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A few people have mentioned about Limit buy but that doesn’t work on fractional shares, just putting it out there for the OP to be aware of.

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I hope they introduce it for fractionals soon, it was pretty highly voted for on the requested features survey. But I don’t think it’s too much of a problem on stocks worth a couple of £