Thoughts about Genius Brands?

Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of an agreement is going to own a significant stake in the company which drove the share price up.
What are your thoughts?

Not sure about the company but 15% down today probably means an easy up day tomorrow right

Tomorrow it will slide further. :wink: :crystal_ball:

We’ll see a $3.60-3.50 open and then a drop.

I was tempted to pick some up as it dipped $3.80 today, but it’s still going to have a lot of retail Robinhood traders selling off and will panic on open. I’ll be happy taking shares at $3-3.40 ready for the next pump.

I’m ready for a gap down. This was the ending where it fell through vwap and kept going AH.


It was always a pump and dump for me. I made some profit from it but didn’t touch it after.

I really believe there going to make a good turn around, just something telling me they are, don’t forget there genius! Haha they should get some more celebs in n make some cartoons out of them! Imagine an Arnold cartoon haha

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Accidentally bought 700 CFDs in GNUS instead of 7.

I think they’ve a good future though - their finances are good and subscriber base rapidly growing. Merchandise is coming out soon too. And they’ve a great team at the helm. Come Christmas when toys are being bought, that’ll boost sales.

I reckon also it’s only a matter of time before Netflix or Disney buy them out. Their last company was bought out by Disney.

Might be lower looking at the pre, currently down 10% before everything kicks off. Id imagine that will change a bit until open.

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Id wait even further. I can see this going sub 3 and close to 2.


Well thats $0.50 dollar off and 30 mins to open… :grimacing:

Def sub 3.

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 14.01.21

3.41 USD per share now, according to HL.

Jumped on a short position before market opened after your comment above :slight_smile: small amount of 25 shares

Are u shorting on invest or cfds?

Why is it falling? What is the news?
I saw the Opening Post but don’t see why it is bad news, unless its a massive dilution with no future acquisition in mind.

Because was like 0.050usd before it jumped so really people taking profits, my outlook still bullish as I really think they’ve got a team to turn it around now

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CFDs mate. Got a buy in also at 30 cent cheaper than it’s open to catch the waves up

Anyone still following this or holding? Looks like it’s still holding up at $2.79 today.

I made the mistake of buying when it was over $4 now i’ve just gotta hold

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This stock will easily be over $10 soon! If they roll out Kartoon channel before pandemic over be good as they’ll have ALL the children indoors etc but I’m so bullish wish I came across this way earlier

Almost spat my coffee out. I assume joking @revelcsi1iicidem I can never tell if serious. Next pump and dump it’ll be lucky to get to $5 before being dumped back again.

Painful watching it today.

Looks like it’s getting a beating in AH, was $2.61 a min ago.

Looks like ~$2 might be right.


OFC​:joy::joy: it was a little sarcasm I should of made it a little more clear, it’s because everyone is asking about the stock like the pump hasn’t been and gone, I’m optimistic for future but was just the way people are asking about it