Google or Apple?

Looking to hold long term which is better google or Apple?

Apple appears to come with quite a bit of debt

Both decent companies to hold long term to be honest, short term Apple will do better because of the stock split. Long term I’d bet google. I Hold both in my growth pie personally.

Thanks! That’s what I thought too…

I’m doing everything not to join the Tesla party as the price appears to be so overinflated where as google looks sensible

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I have a very small amount in Tesla but I can admit to myself it was a fomo moment. Probably will still benefit greatly from it as a lot of people have faith in it.

This is coming from a big bag holder for Apple.

Hands down the answer to this is Alphabet, they got a much bigger moat and in very big growth areas. Apple is stuck with its own vertical which is also very well saturated, I am not buying Apple growth story by selling support.

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good article written yesterday about this, not sure I agree with it but interesting take…

tl:dr: analyst is selling his apple after owning for a long time as it’s too expensive and buying google instead.

I am doing the same, have a trailing stop order currently on Apple trying to reap the most rewards from people thinking share-split actually adds value :hugs:

In this mad market where popularity is more important then valuation/fundamentals, I wouldn’t bet on google vs apple. But anyway google seems more reasonable priced according to historic valuation.


No need to make them compete. I have an extension of FAANG stocks I kept in my FAGT MAN pie. They’re all performing well.

Google has investments in SpaceX!

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I don’t get any of this.

Zoom is valued more than BT, L&G, Lloyds, RR, Aviva and chuck some airlines in combined!!! Without BT or any ISP what is zoom, irrelevant…

Huge MNCs that have been around for years.

Zoom!!! A webchat. Tech is due a serious correction.

  1. Tell me how these companies can grow anymore? How are they going to generate the earnings to justify their price.

  2. Half of them are already under review for monopolisation of their sector.

Would be interested to see answers.

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People have been saying tech is due a correction for about 7 years now.

Markets make no sense whatsoever nor do they seem to be tied to the economy. I’m half joking, but stocks only go up. I had short positions open during the start of COVID and most never turned profit. I gave up and started going long on everything and then started making money. Hedge your bets if necessary.

That’s my answer anyway.


They said the same prior to dot-com about 6 years…it happened. It’s odd.

Just seems too simple, almost like lemmings going off a cliff.

Maybe I’m missing out but too much risk in my eyes.

Apple :apple: :apple: :apple:

Profits as they relate to market cap of tech companies are in sync these days though. During the dot com bubble they were not.

Likewise, tech companies have cash to burn these days which was different from the dot com period.


Apple doesn’t have a lot of bloat, there relatively focused on a number of areas. Including expanding their services and revenue from such.

Google/alphabet though are fundamentally still an ad company. The vast majority of their revenue is ads. Good company perhaps, they’re also spread all over the place and some sectors (like business applications) are just inferior and don’t seem to be catching up well.

I guess it depends on which company you understand more?

From a privacy standpoint: Apple.

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I know and love all three. Use their products and services multiple times daily.
Google and Youtube for example can see being around for 15+ years. Can’t see what could knock them off the top.
I’m a fairly new to new investing but I’ve learnt to invest in what I know and understand. I will have these 3 in my portfolio for a long time.
Think it just depends on your preference on what sort of percentage of each you have.

Just saw on BBC that Apple is now worth more than the entire FTSE 100 combined :astonished:

Or put another way it is almost the same as the gdp of :it:.