Michael burry just shorted Tesla - RIP

Time to short the mammoth.

Pfff, the idiot is losing money already.

Think he knows more than most :joy::joy::joy:. How can you justify it at current price please break it down for me. Elon said it was overpriced at like 250, yet mugs queuing up.

RIP @Tommy


It’s not mugs. It’s actually the smart/institutional money that’s buying right now. They were late to the party. Also the value of something is governed by supply and demand, not what you or I think it’s worth.

There will be a sell off post S&P for sure


There no need to be rude or insulting. We have different points of view, does not mean I’m rude to you.


On a serious note. How does this affect the s&p because surely if you buy the index before inclusion the index is going to go up with that ridiculous market cap? I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of it

Are you actually insulting me then asking how it works? Wtf lol


I don’t care about emotions I just want an answer, otherwise I have to Google it and work it out for myself which is effort lol

I’ll just have to accept that being a TSLA investor will always bring ridicule. No matter what the future brings.


Maybe you’ll have the last laugh, so far I’m the one getting it wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Who cares it’s who carries the bag at the end of the day.

I think most of the tracking indexes buy the day of inclusion which is the 21st and that’s most people trying to take advantage of the build up will leave their positions tesla.

The indexes may drop a bit post inclusion but tesla will only make up 1% of them so it shouldn’t move too much.

I’m actually in big on tesla

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Index funds can purchase anytime from the announcement date to weeks after the inclusion date. Funds may have even bought pre-emptively before the announcement happened.

Because TSLA is such a large inclusion, the weighting of other stocks will probably be reduced, nobody is really too sure exactly how it will be weighted and what stocks will be dropped. Nothing this big has entered before.

You must be “smart” also :wink:


Tesla becomes part of the s&p … pensions funds must rebalance and create holdings of s&p companies … institutional investors have stayed away from Tesla as it was not part of the index … now they have to buy whether they like it or not … Do the math

For reference I hold no position in Tesla

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Eitherway I expect huge volatility on the 21st so I may take some profits on the 18th and buy back in lower

Also although Micheal burry has a short position against tesla you can see from his comments, even he sees tesla as a good company in the long run

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Honestly I had the same thought. But what if it goes to $1T market cap shortly after. I could see it happening. I might change my mind closer to the end of next week, but for now I’m just going to leave it.

I’ve managed to profit a few times here and there when TSLA dipped. Selling some TSLA shares then buying the Granite shares 3x long and waiting for a recovery. I think I prefer this way of timing, because I never know when TSLA will drop, and never want to bet that way so to speak.

I feel like the majority of the buying will happen pre inclusion and then everyone apart from the the funds will be selling that isn’t in tesla long term.

I could be wrong though I just thought I’d lock in some gains as I’m up quite a bit atm.

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As anyone on investment world should always do.