Google or Apple?

Depends, if you are investing for safety or growth. Either are good, but Apple long term opportunity requires excellent management. Google does not. My other issue with Apple is it’s ability to eat itself with innovation, we need another iPhone leap otherwise they will get left behind when the next platform gets wide adoption. Google doesn’t have this issue, it’s going to continue to be used on any platform due to its network effects inside the search engine. Whether the next platform is AR/VR I don’t know but Apple is basically an iPhone business. It’s fabulous now, but it could easily get eaten, you have to look forward 30-40 years. Personally the other big tech I see being market dominant forever is AMZN. All my chips are on TSLA for the next 10 years, unless something else comes up.

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Since this post I’ve decided to swerve both despite les ing towards google…I’m in on Tesla and amazon as I feel they have the most innovation in then long term…the fact that amazon have approval for drone deliveries is just one example.

Tesla is quite the 180 but after more research it became apparent Tesla is more then an auto manufacturer.

I’ve a few blue chips like visa, Microsoft too and the rest are ArK positions and will be searching Saas IPOs for the next position to ride and sell for short term gains to fund the main pot :+1:t3:

Cool @C18drw - if I can be of any help feel free to DM me or email me on - I literally spend all my time thinking about this stuff and have all my money in the market so I’m extra incentivised to research the hell out of every option. All the best!

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Thanks I’ve made a note of your email! I really appreciate it.

Chuck it all on oil, you’ll make a killing next year

Apple Lost $180 Billion In Market Value Today. It’s the Biggest one-day Loss For Any Company Ever. :open_mouth: