Tesla price racing to reach Mars before SpaceX

What in the name of… is happening to this stock?! Please someone explain to me how this completely insane pricing is possible.

I get that Tesla has the Elon fanboys flocking 24/7 to the stock and that tesla will join s&p soon but give me a breather… how can someone buy a position with such insane overvaluation or am I missing something (a lot)? This seems like a huge bubble, what are your thoughts? I was planning to invest but I think that share cant hold this growth for much longer without a correction. Really interested in your thoughts

Think positive, stay negative, cheers


People are buying based on what they think it’s worth, or going to be worth, not what it’s actually worth. They want to get in now, and by the time we are in AI controlled flying Tesla spaceships going on holidays to Mars in the year 2050 they will be billionaires.

There was a guy here literally emptying his bank accounts into them as often as possible.

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People did that with bitcoin … it didn’t really end that well for them.

Blind faith for many, that’s what I’d call it.


VW, Toyota and others will show Tesla its place, only a matter of time. And I say that as a fan of Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla.

I am not buying into this hype, no thanks.


I wonder what actual percentage of investors actually buy for this reason. 1%?

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Overvalued? Yes. Will it correct itself? I say unlikely.
With the S&P 500 inclusion, S&P 500 trackers need to buy $66B in Tesla. If you add on the potential $94.5B from S&P 500 benchmarked funds, that’s $160.5B of Tesla that needs bought…that’s a lot of upside pressure.
Tesla’s valuation can surely reach many Trillions in future, and a lot of it is being priced in for sure. The trend will be up on the long term IMO. Will it dip? Who knows. Is it worth risking missing the gains if you believe in the company? I’d say no. I would dollar cost average if you wanted to get into Tesla. I would still to this day but I’m extremely overweighted because if it’s growth and I’m not trimming


Can you name a point in the last 2 years when Tesla wasn’t considered in a bubble or overvalued.


Yeah I think so. Tesla’s valuation is total bullshit. Doesn’t make any sense to me. There’s something dodgy going on with this company…

its been a fun ride though right :wink:

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Bought another 2 shares yesterday, perhaps they are overpriced. But I’ll be glad I did in 10-15 years when I want to hang up my keyboard and retire. This is a growth stock and I’m dollar cost averging all the way up. As we all know its a software company that happen to sell cars. I’m 50% Tesla now!


I am just puzzled, how is it possible for everyone to become billionaires on single stock, in order for someone to profit someone has to lose or profit less.

So if you check t212 hotlist, I bet Robinhood/Revolut or any other millennial brokerage has similar ratio of folks invested all in on tesla.(10-50% portfolio position)

Does this mean that in 10-15 years we will have millions of Tesla billionaires?


what do you think they will call the tesla crash? xD

Stopped following TSLA long time ago, I ain’t good at buying low and selling high.

I do not understand the problem in holding a large portion of the portfolio in a single stock. Even Warren Buffer has a big chunk of his in a single stock, Apple.

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I have not stated that having large position is the problem, but millions of investors picking tesla , meaning at one point those millions of investors will have to find a greater fool to sell to. As Ben Graham articulated in his books.

But then again, i don’t expect majority read Ben’s masterpieces.

Could be said about any stock too to be frank.

-edit -
Just seen this lol :

a single stock sure. but Tesla isn’t Apple.

Apple has a proven track record and its price is stable based on its actual worth, not the hype surrounding its “potential”.

Tesla is like bitcoin, best used as a pump and dump once you rake in some fast profits to give your a good year of portfolio growth.

edit: I would have gotten some tesla if I could afford it early enough to be cashing out now xD


This is what Ben Graham mentions.

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Comparing Apple and Tesla doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve seen tons of Apple products around me, people are getting nuts (for some reason) each time a new product comes out… Never saw a Tesla in my life. Not one.

They always seem bland and boring to me, and the cyber truck design is god awful. Again, hats off to elon, but his products look cheap imo.