Looks like Tesla could hit an all time high this week could $550 be on the horizon?

Well it looks like the Tesla haters have got it wrong again, Tesla looks like its about to reach an all time high. Is there a limit on how far this company can go? I can remember thinking it was over valued at $60 a share how wrong was I.


For a gambler it can grow 10x this year alone. I’m not in that game anymore. Same could be said about NIO or any other “hot” stock.

I don’t think Tesla is comparable to new start up nio, they haven’t sold a car outside of China yet. I’ve already posted my thoughts on nio before, no Chinese car manufacturer has been successful worldwide EVER.
Tesla has already ticked that box


Tesla started in its own home country as well. The chinese never had a successful mobile phone brand either for a while and look around now!
Either way they are just cars and they are trading like they would become the only EV manufacturers in the next 20 years.

I don’t mind this as I like EVs and want them to succeed and create more competition but betting my money on them on this valuation is another story. I would rather place my bets on something like Virgin Galactic.

You’ll be a very happy guy in your nursing home with all your virgin galactic profits, I’m hoping to earn some money before then. I wouldn’t bet against Tesla thats for certain and I would imagine when rocket X gets an ipo (if) you’ll want a piece of that action.

My advice upto $550 a share currently is if you haven’t bought Tesla yet get in while you can

If we are talking valuations, yes Tesla is over valued at present. They have also exceed most Wall Street predictions each quarter in terms of EPS.

If then consider Tesla’s Foward PE, it’s crazy still, but is it really that crazy when you compare it to the Wall Street darlings like Square etc?

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Not sure what you mean here about being in a nursing home? They’ll get people to space in a few years.

I like both company’s a lot. (More than Aston Martin :stuck_out_tongue:)

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If you want to compare a car manufacturer to a fintech, then why not. I don’t understand why people keep comparing Tesla with high margin tech companies. Tesla can definitely have higher margins than other car manufacturers, but it still plays in that playground, not with tech companies that do not need any factories for production (until Tesla becomes the leading AI/tech/energy in couple of years!). I would compare forward PE with the average PE of that sector.

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I’m not comparing them as a business sector, I’m comparing them based on basic fundamentals.

Just because the whole fin tech sectors has crazy valuations doesn’t mean it’s right either does it?

I do believe that Tesla will have a bigger TAM than most auto companies.

Bit personal? Aston are up 40%.
To get people into space at a mass use price and make a profit my bets on the nursing home coming first for most. Could be wrong but then that’s why we debate, still no need for low blows

Tesla are a number 1 buy right now and Aston martin is 8th

Sorry if you misread that. I didn’t deem that to be personal, some would consider the nursing home comment as personal maybe?

There could be a poor sod sitting in there right now waiting to go to space? :man_shrugging:t2:

I appreciate AM are up considerably at present but as you say this is why we debate, for me when you see the long term chart as it is, it’s extremely hard to come back from.

I’ve just got a cheeky £100 in Virgin Galactic as a hedge really, if they nail it could be pretty special.

Ofcourse no doubt but we do need some profit now or you will run out of funds to invest.
To read my other posts and bring them here was a bit personal dont you think?
I have always hoped of mass space travel inside my lifetime but something always gets in the way and imo this time round it will be war.
I also don’t see the nursing home statement to be offensive to anyone, all the older people I know would agree

No i still don’t think so, but as I said I didn’t mean to offend as I would call it having a joke. But everyone’s sensitivity tolerance is different.

Let’s leave it there and good luck :+1:

Trust me I’m all good I just like to bring all ammunition to a chat battle :rofl:

Well it’s lucky I’m a lover and not a hater, life’s too short to “battle” with strangers on the internet :wink:

Tesla’s overvalued, it’s presently and into the near term. Long term it could be dirt cheap. That’s for you to evaluate. Even though it is a my a big premium right now, I don’t see it coming to fair value for at least a decade. So you just have to accept the higher price if you want to own it, instead of waiting for a fair price that isn’t going to come. The support will stay high on the stock


All I want for Christmas is one single Tesla thread where all these chats live. :smile::joy::sob::christmas_tree:


Its all about how many versions of Tesla tech they can prout and imo they’ve only talked about a few.
Nobody has even over come the aftercare for electric cars yet this world wide market would be easy for someone as experienced as Tesla, a couple of existing automotive repair company purchases or a start up off shoot could be highly profitable. I also see that everyone wants Tesla tech and that in the short term will come (when they’re ready) at a hefty price tag.
I’m a buyer I can’t see any reason why I would sell

Seen as there’s almost 10k buyers on here that would be a busy thread