TESLA Passed $2300!

Will it continue in the open market, hummm

5000$ before close, split share value 1000$, then 5000$ by end of next week. Yolo :rocket:


I’ve sold my house and invested in Tesla.

I’m confident sales will go through the roof of EVs during a recession.


i better add more money to my CFD account then haha

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At this point, I am not even confident that TSLA will burst soon. It seems to go just one direction, up :rocket:

not a bad investment if you did… crazy the tesla bug, its really contagious

I have a trigger to sell at $15000.





Present under :christmas_tree:

I own Tesla but don’t get emotionally attached to it, it’s just a stock like any other and corrections are to be expected at some point and they could be significant. People are fickle and love a rising stock when it starts plummeting they will ditch it like there is no tomorrow.

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Don’t you think it’s created enough support levels to weather any correction though?

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it’s corrected in the past -50% in about a month (900ish -> 400ish) , something similar again wouldn’t be unusual and people getting into Tesla should expect that, it’s certainly risky IMO. impossible to predict when of course.

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Everyone has their own opinions but I think this will pop. Why the sudden price rise during Covid? Why is a split increasing value? We are entering a recession and the auto industry gets hit hard, appreciate Tesla isn’t only auto but it’s a large portion. Seems a religion rather than a stock to me. I like Tesla and what they stand for but fundamentally it doesn’t add up.

The way I look at it for it have a drop it will have to rise first, I think the split will help any sudden drop. think there was a week where it dropped from $1600 odd to $1300 odd and that could be the correction people were anticipating.

:rocket: I’m all in too, 100%: https://youtu.be/9ngVJYTMNeI

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FOMO and TINA and wide accessibility to stock market on a basis of pennies, makes anything possible.

Every fiber of my being at the moment is screaming short short short but i shall not listen to the pesky demon. I am aware that there’ll be a moment of pure millionaire making moment for not only Tesla but for all EVs. Unfortunately I am not proficient enough to time that moment. “a girl can dream tho” :upside_down_face::heart:

@trader787 i just like day/swing trading it, i won’t commit currently, and would need to see 50%+ off the price to consider longterm.

@Gfclappah definitely agree, it doesn’t add up

@daindian i was stupid and done a FOMO on Tesla, that figure was actually $1700+, I purchased at $1714 after positive earnings… it then dropped to approx $1350 (nearly up by a $1000 in the past few weeks).

@kali yes keep the pesky demon at bay as i recall the short shorts twitter post :laughing:

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hope you realise he was sarcastic, and English is not my native language but:


@Hectares its a struggle!! I actually went ahead and tied all my money into a no-win no loss asset in my option trading platform. So even if I am tempted I can’t do anything before Sept 3rd.

I have the self discipline of a golden retriever, show me a tennis ball and I’m lost


As Charlie Munger clearly laid out in 1994, we are very flawed and must fight our natural tenancies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IngHiWnmcSs

He also said he wouldn’t buy Tesla, or short it hahaha, 38 seconds in: https://youtu.be/WL0TOaltX5w?t=38