Withdrawal has to a different acount

Hi. I deposited some money using my debit card ending in 1010. On monday 28th 2020 i withdrew my funds and it said funds will be in my account within 3 working days. Today i logged in to my account and i clicked history and noticed that my funds was sent to a card number totally different to the one i was used.

Iv reached out to support but still waiting for a reply from them. Anyone else had the same issue?

I hear of this happening frequently by those who use an intermediary like google pay for the deposits, the money should always go back to the correct account.

Could this be the case for you as well? instead of checking the history, check with your bank whether the funds arrive or not by next week. I would personally expect the money to arrive tomorrow based on my previous experience of 3 working days.

If the money still doesn’t appear, reach out to Trading212 directly and they will be able to sort out the issue.

Thank you for the reply.

I didn’t use google play i used my bank account but i will check with my bank and if i still haven’t received the funds by friday i will get in contact with support.

I made a few withdrawals using the same card and i received them just fine its just these funds which haven’t shown up. Really worried as its a large amount.

Have you received your withdrawal now?

Yes i did receive my funds