Withdrew money to a GPay card that doesn't exist... what?

Did anyone else experience this?

My GPay has (or now, had) 2 payment methods - my debit card, and paypal account.
I always deposited money using GPay, and it went straight out of my debit card, which is great.

Well, today I made a mistake. I went to withdraw money. The 2 options that showed up for withdrawing were both from GPay, and like a fool I didn’t even check what the first card it was withdrawing to. It was a card that does not exist. The card number ending doesn’t match my virtual card number of my debit card on GPay at all. My real card was the option below this one (which wasn’t even masked by a virtual card number, so that was weird).

I thought it was a virtual card number of my PayPal account on GPay… so what I did was delete my PayPal from GPay and check if the withdraw option is there afterward on T212.
So I deposited £1, and went to withdraw… but the strange card is still there.

So now I’m here… the money is not on my debit card, or my paypal, and I don’t know where it went. I have never owned a card with the strange account number, nor anyone that I know (I asked).

Contacted support… but the warning on the withdrawal page makes me think like I’m done for.

Anyone has any experience like this or know what’s going on?

Well money cannot go to to “illegal” aka non existing destinations thus once it bounces back it will land to t212.

You can raise request to support to provide transaction confirmation.

Vesran can you help me how communicate with Trading 212 as i try to contact them thru customer service they were unwilling to help regarding my issues as i cant remember my username and password when i delete my Trading 212 apps

Well I would focus on gaining access to the account. Once you can log in, you can reach to support.

Here is the password recovery link to reset forgotten password so you can log in.

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Doesn’t gpay create a different card number each time you use it?

Nah, google generates virtual card ID once you add Card as payment option in Gpay. So merchant is only aware of this virtual ID. But it is static. Anyway even if ID changed, T212 does refund by transaction, thus it refunds the source based on transaction ID.

Surely if you want to know where it has gone you would need to contact gpay not t212?

So an update…

Contacted support, they assured me the “non-existent” card number that I withdrew money to, actually is my real card behind it.

The money is still not in my account, but it can take a bit longer. I was also provided with an ARN number that can help me track where my funds are apprently. Will use it if the funds are not in my acconut.

Again, one strange thing here is that I did an experiment:
I withdrew £1 to my real card number (gpay as well) on T212, and it showed as “pending” immediately on my bank account, where as there is still nothing so far on my bank account regarding the money I withdrew to the “virtual” card.

We will see, will update yall in case somebody inevitably will do the same mistake as me.