GPay funding and withdrawal confusion. Solved!

Hi everyone, I’ve only been set up with a account for a few weeks. I decided I’d fund via Gpay (I’m in the UK) which is only linked to one bank account and card.

When I’ve come to deposit I’ve always selected Gpay and it works instantaneously as coming off my bank card balance. When I’ve tried a test withdrawal by selecting GPay it has also arrived in my account the next working day. All good so far.

However. I’ve noticed for both funding and withdrawal there is also a “Deposit via Visa”) option with the last 4 digits of a card number that isn’t my bank card (which in theory I know Trading 212 won’t have as I have only ever added my GPay account). When I used that option to test fund £1, it showed as available to invest but hasn’t come off my bank balance like when I use the Gpay option.

I’ve also just tried a test withdrawal for £1 with this option as well but I only initiated it yesterday so yet to arrive.

So for people who use GPay to fund and withdraw do you have two sets of details and options for funding and withdrawal even though the Gpay account is the only one used which is only linked to one card? This is really confusing and my best guess is something to do with tokenisation as even though there are two sets of details it is all linked (I hope) to my one bank account.

I have sent this question to the support team so will report back. But it would be good to hear your experiences as surely this must work the same for everyone? Thanks

Not indepth reading but, are you aware that google actually generates virtual card number, which in sort is virtual card by which transaction is done? You can actually check in gpay the virtual card number and compare to the one in t212.

Anyway someone from t212 can give more formal feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi Vedran, thanks for the reply. Yes, I was expecting Gpay to generate a virtual card which is used for funding and withdrawals. I’ve double checked and the last four digits of this virtual card correspond to the GPay option in my 212 account. However, this other card number in my account does not match anything and I didn’t add it which is why it would be good to know if anyone else has two payment options even though they have only ever added Gpay?

Well. Don’t I feel silly. I found out what this extra card was. I added a very little used card that I was going to use purely for Trade212. But then switched immediately to Gpay ever since and had never seen this card as an option since. I’ve replied to customer support to close their ticket. Gpay is still a bit of a mystery though! Thanks everyone.