Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

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Update chart please. Stuck on Friday despite movement. It’s 8.12am.


@CeeGee We don’t update the chart manually. If there’s not a new BUY/ASK price, the chart will show the last one, that doesn’t depend on us.

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I think that’s correct for today as I can’t see any buy/ask prices before 8:40 (ish)

Some mornings though there are buy/ask prices bang on 8am as I can see them on LSE. How come it doesn’t update then?

Just curious really as what makes the chart update some mornings and others not…

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: @David

Greatland Gold Plc GGPL.L : Berenberg initiates with rating hold and price target 22p


Is everyone still in GGP?

Just stepped back in this morning with 2000 @ 19.70 to get a foot in the door.

It’s probably going lower but it’s below average and okish on RSI.

I had thought this would test 18.00 again tbh, probably will now that I’ve bought.


Also I almost failed to buy as LIMIT appears to be auction only.

It’s one of those :pray: it’s not bounced before the market order goes through.

Welcome back. Still here. :+1:t2:

No no no we’ll not fall back to 18p :ok_woman:t2: that’s more scary than Halloween!

Seems to flitter around 19+ for a while then dance around 20/21p. I try not to check too often :eyes:

Welcome back, did you have FOMO?

I could have sold…bagged a beautiful profit and bought back in again today! Only so many time’s I can watch the rises and the drops. Hold for gold. Eeek.

Talking like I know what’s happening - I really don’t :joy: Just keeping positive.

I wonder, how you guys estimate fair value on this one? Or is this just part of your speculative/yolo portfolio? Or just short term swings?

This maybe a daft question but I can’t find an answer easily for this.

With GGP auction time’s can you only buy and sell during those time’s?

For instance it’s 3:30 now and if I wanted to sell my GGP shares - I couldn’t? (Not that I am going to do)

I think I’m over complicating the process as last time by big buy took 63 minutes to left a little confused by the process.

I guess you may have the answer :crossed_fingers:t2::raised_hands:t2:

It goes with lots of reading. Definitely not a yolo portfolio in my personal case.

Hold for gold innit :crossed_fingers:t2:

(I contemplate short term swing’s especially as we’ve not seen 27p again for ages!)

Well I usually do fundamental analysis, but this one has none, so thus I ask, how one can judge the price to buy at.

If you want to buy and sell immediately then use a market order. You should get it executing OTC pretty quick (seconds) as it has decent liquidity now.

If you want a specific price then unfortunately limit orders are only at the SETSqx fixed auction times

Opening 07:50 – 08:00am
First 08:50 - 9:00am
Second 10:50 - 11am
Third 13:50 - 14:00pm
Closing 16:30 - 16:35pm

Ah I see. No you’ve helped lots. After my 63 minute wait last time I presumed a sell would or could take as long.

It’s something I want to try but feel wary with the speed of action.
Guess I have to try it and see for myself.

If it’s immediate with a market order then that’s great I had in mind I could only buy/sell during auction hours.

Why do they have auction hours if now you can trade this stock the full day?

I see what you’re saying above about selling, if it’s not instant then you loose the fill price if price is volatile.

I’m still in, currently up 47% but it is one that is just there so I have no idea about daily swings etc lol

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You can do a company analysis though? And look into the industry?

Isn’t the buy price now at where it is due to the progress made at Havieron and potential findings at Scallywag and Black Hills that coupled with the fact it’s been added to GDXJ ETF. That’s driven the price.

CEO of Newcrest Mining :speaking_head: Haverion affirmed as one of Newcrest’s top 3 exciting growth catalysts.

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You can still assess the value of the finds from latest drilling information vs price of gold vs deal with Newcrest to estimate the value of particular mines.