Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

How long has it taken you? Haven’t tried to sell a GGP share yet so would be interested to know your experience


It happens with with penny stocks/ AIM stocks.
Also 212 is a free service so just put with it unless you’re willing to pay commission :slight_smile:

‘free service’… lol


Yep that’s me. I’ve been on the GGP train since around April now.

Been a rough few weeks for me as my average was 12p but bought more which shot that average out the water.

There’s a great telegram chat for GGP @dbarwick1 full of lots of helpful info.

In a nut shell I believe and am holding for 35p but hey 50p could be a potential too. It’s really very much in the air.

It’s been hovering around 21/23p the past month or so.

I can’t give advice but I’d say do some research of your own and a 21/22p buy in isn’t bad. Just look what’s happened since the beginning of the year. There’s (in my opinion) loads of potential #holdforgold :star2:

*edit - I could have sold and bought back in around 4 times now and had a much healthier bank account :scream: it’s painful watching it’s shoot up to drop back down again. That 27p day still haunts me!


Ps this stock will never fall back to 0! Not sure where on earth you plucked that from.

Plus we are awaiting news on Scally. All to play for folks!

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Its not difficult to work out where zero comes from, basically saying the company could be next to worthless, ifs and buts and hopefully unlikely as a fellow holder.

If you want a comparison - check out the hype behind Hurricane Energy. They thought they found a massive new oilfield with lots of potential, competent persons report and director agreed. It turned out to be a fractured basement play, reserves were massively written down, Director left the company, and the new board have kitchen sinked the assets.

Figure of speech. it will go back to a few pennies. there are loads of mining stocks like this. most of them are trash. this is the first one i have seen in years that looks promising and not just hype by the company (although there is hype by the company)

Is it difficult to work out where 0 comes from with regards GGP actually.

TBH I wouldn’t be looking at any other “potential hypes” that coulda been and failed as GGP (NCM) results speak for themselves. Past the hype stage now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Trust in GH!

Lots fail most definitely they run out of money.

Do lots have one of the worlds largest mining companies backing them though?

I’m very much in and feeling confident. Let’s see what December brings!

yea thats why i like them as well - they are back by a big gun

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Fresh JV news :newspaper_roll: December better be good to the share price…



Lovely pop this morning over the previous resistance. If all goes well the day stays green and resistance becomes support.

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£28 million worth of buys have gone through in auction, MSCI fund apparently

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I’d LOVE this to be the new resistance :star2::star2::star2:

Definitely exciting to be part of this journey.

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A thing of beauty… I think you mean support, hoping for 30p to be the new support at the very least by month end🤞


I think that it will mainly depend on the results of the Resource Estimate, if they are indeed released this month.


Hahaha yeah I mean support :woman_facepalming:t2::rofl:

30p would be amazing but I’d not complain at anything above 23/24p though

edit then it to watch it slowly grow more in 2021.

So close to 30p today!

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Called it :up:


:star_struck: I remember playing with this at 6-8p all the way to 13p and sold out, earlier in the year when this started. Still come by now n then to see all your epic gains. Fair play lads :+1:

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