GV1A suspended?

I’ve just tried to buy GV1A but there’s no price and when I tried to send the order a notice said that it was currently suspended.

GV2O is fine.

Both Gresham House funds.

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Yep, must be suspended for whatever reason

I contacted support who sent back a generic reply as to why stocks may be suspended, and also why orders may take time to complete (low liquidity, etc.)

I replied asking them to clarify if these specific stocks are indeed suspended, I don’t need an explanation.

I received another generic reply.

So having spoke to Support twice on the subject, I am none the wiser. Great service there. T212 might want to do something about this support staff.

The stock of GV1A is very illiquid, with a market cap of only 26M.

The last 5 trades are Off-book. We have not received sufficient quotes to form a chart and thus portray the chronological development of the price.

The instrument has been taken down from the platform due to its poor liquidity conditions and thus will not be available for trading any longer

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Thank you!

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