Has anyone done ISA transfer successfully?

Has anyone had success with their ISA transfer? If yes what are timelines are looking like?

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I would like to know how to transfer some of my instruments from cfd to investment the ones I want to keep for long term

You can’t. Shares are completely different to CFDs

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I’ve just started the process so I can tell you when it is completed :+1:

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It depends on different external factors which are beyond our control :roll_eyes:, like when the transfer form is filled in and sent over, how fast the external ISA provider initiates the process from their side, when the funds are transferred between the banks and others.

On a side note - right now we are working on automating the process, making it as seamless as possible. :gear:

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What does that actually involve? Does it still involve selling the shares and transferring as cash?

Correct - at the moment we support cash transfers only. However, we’re exploring alternatives which will allow share transfers as well.

The automation in question will ease the filling in and the submitting of the transfer form, along with other cool stuff. :pushpin:


Hi I transferred earlier this week. The whole thing was 2 weeks for me. I found the customer service very quick and responsive.

I’m expecting my shares to rocket when the cash is transferring. Just my luck I’ll end up with loads fewer shares than when I sold.

From which broker/bank did you transfer?

I really wouldnt worry too much. the market is currently crashing across the board due to coronavirus news XD

My ISA transfer completed today, right on time. :clap:


@Tony.V I have three accounts with Trading 212 - Invest, ISA and CFD. For the ISA account, are there any other steps I need to take besides just depositing funds in the account and making stock purchases for it to be deemed a Stocks & Shares ISA?

@cantuar No other further actions will be required from your end. :ok_hand:

@Tony.V Thank you very much for your quick reply. I shall now proceed with my purchases.

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