Has anyone done ISA transfer successfully?

I was transferring from Trading 212 to Vanguard but cancelled my transfer and decided to keep funds with Trading 212, because after 4 weeks Vanguard had made little to no progress with sending the transfer form. I had a look at Twitter and TrustPilot and it looks like they’re taking close to 60 working days just to send a form via email :sweat_smile:

The guidelines do state 30 working days for anything other than transferring 'Cash ISA’s, so they might use as a technicality your ISA with 212 is not a Cash ISA.

Still, if they are not keen to onboard you, it doesn’t bode well for any future service/queries.

212 have had some hiccup’s lately, but I’ve generally found them good at responding to queries.

Plus you are still able to invest in Vanguard ETFs, but won’t have the 0.15% Vanguard platform fee to pay, so win win.

There are even ETF versions of their Lifestrategy funds(shame none are GBP or I would have requested).

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its a bit shocking to hear that. I understood they were slow to transfer out, but to be as equally slow at taking on new accounts is rather worrying.

this isn’t back in the day when we had to call in to a middleman on the exchange floor just to place an order through all the yelling :sweat_smile:

that said, I understand even less how something as simple and routine as sending an email can go wrong or take so long on such a frequent basis as to become a recognizable issue. At my workplace this is often because of rushing, but Vanguard seem to have the opposite problem :roll_eyes: