Smooth ISA transfer :)

My ISA transfer went pretty well! It took 8 working days without any issues.

I sent an email to with their form filled as explained in

That was sent on Monday 3rd. Today (13th), the ISA transfer has been completed and my funds are in T212 (transferred from Barclays). So it took 8 working days.

Just sharing my experience in case is useful to anyone :slight_smile:


Lol it’s a joke it takes 8 DAYS “like trading 212 should be able as any account should
Be able to transfer the money in seconds it’s all BS to hold on to your money for as long as they possibly can as they clearly use our money for transactions or to accumulate interest it’s DISGUSTING It should
Be transferred in seconds minutes as worse

you probably don’t know the process of transferring an ISA, or stock positions (I don’t fully either) but for my parents it took around 2/3 months to transfer a normal stock portfolio between two brokers so 8 days sounds like heaven. You don’t have any basis for you accusation that T212 is using the money to accumulate interest


The ISA transfer form says “. I understand that the transfers can take several weeks to complete and accept that Trading 212 UK Limited accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of any delays in the transfer to the Trading 212 ISA.”

8 days is a lot faster than most transfers take. Transfer of stock in specie between AJ Bell and Interactive Investor takes a month. I expect the delay was mostly on the Barclays end, as they have things to check. 8 days interest would barely pay for a few postage stamps.

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ISA transfers can and quite often do take much longer than this, even when it has been liquidated and you are just transferring cash held within the account.

If you have found a way to do an ISA Transfer in seconds, please, let us know! We would love to do transfers in seconds :slight_smile:


Mine took nearly a month, no fault of Trading212.
The banks are useless, I literally had to hand hold them the whole way through and 10+ emails. Whereas Trading212 were super professional, and got the matter sorted, I can’t fault them.

I just transferred an ISA from HL. 212 put the request through the day I sent them the paperwork. They deposited the money in my account within hours of it leaving HL. The delay was with HL taking three weeks to make the transfer. The money was sitting as cash in the ISA so there was no excuse for such a delay. HL are taking days to respond to any emails regarding the matter, yet I have contacted them to try to set up a new account and they respond in minutes in minutes. I’m filing a complaint with FCA.

Well done 212 for giving the established brokers a lesson in efficiency.



Really isn’t a fault with HL either. steps and checks have to be made before accounts can be transfered, you also aren’t the only account holder they need to deal with and you WILL find yourself in a queue. it doesn’t matter if you have already liquidated the whole thing. 3 weeks is still far from bad. you can file a complaint but the person who see’s it will just laugh and toss it out.

Wild guess here, but I think someone has drank too much cryptocurrency kool-aid

Actually I’d believe in HL’s case, it is HL’s fault. I did get a phone call from them few years back when I was transferring, the phone call was 3 weeks after I filled all the forms in both brokers asking me if I was sure? the reason for my transfer and if they can do anything about it.

Technically speaking if both brokers are using Origo: a cash to cash transfer can be completed in 24 hours. transfer of UK stocks & funds will take at least 2 business days and international stocks and funds will take at least 5 business days. But these are theoretical fastest speeds you can get.

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problem is people hear of a theoretical fastest speed and instantly start moaning if that’s not what they receive. There’s a reason people are told to expect to wait a certain length of time and HL’s in this case falls within that time-frame. for the above example, there’s nothing to go to the FCA with :man_shrugging:

Considering they have admitted in an email that the transfer had taken longer than they would expect because my request was delayed in their processing queue, and that they hadn’t responded to my emails then I would say the fault is most definitely with HL.
When you can get instant attention from them if you want to open a new account they need to redistribute their manpower to support their existing customers before they consider taking on any new clients.

They have around 1.6m accounts and £110B client assets according to this report. Too big to provide good service? I think we were told that Trading 212 is on 500,000+ accounts.

Too big to provide good service?

Arrogant dinosaurs I think. I haven’t had a reply in 5 days to my request of their formal complaints process.

@trikidiki you might be right that they prioritise things they don’t want to do low.

Unfortunately this is they way it is, not just with brokers but many institutional corporations will act that way. And if you dig into the fine print you’ll realise they have massive leeway. They’ll cover all their bases legally. (Did you realise any difference how fast things move when you apply for a loan from a bank, and how slow things become when you try to close an unused credit card?)

By all means, although I believe nothing will happen, do make an FCA claim. And if you do make sure to include “you have been treated unfairly” (these are the secret words)

I am one of the most whinging customers out there for banks utility companies etc. among many complaints I’ve made I wrote to FCA that interactive investor FX fees are criminally high (again, although I knew nothing can happen) But if enough people complain I believe legislation might follow.

Everything you say is correct, particularly the last sentence. If everyone took the attitude that you have to take what you’re given they will continue to screw you. My letter alone probably wouldn’t sway the FCA but if enough people complain then they can put pressure on HL or any other broker to play fair.

They charge 1.5%, the highest of any broker I know.

However, they do provide multicurrency accounts, so once you have some USD there you can buy and sell US stocks without fx fee. I transfer out my Euro and USD dividends to Revolut rather than exchange them on the II platform. In ISA you have no choice and must pay their fx fee. This is poor and why this year I have opened my ISA with Trading 212. Now for the first time I feel comfortable putting some US stocks in my ISA.

Hi, thanks for the information. I just submitted my ISA transfer form today to the email id. Is there any communication that you will receive from T212 while the ISA transfer is in progress?

So far i have not received any communication.

Yes, I did receive a reply from Trading212 acknowledging the reception of my email.