Has T212 Made a difference?

I hope this isn’t a daft question but I was wondering with websites making it easier for people to venture in to stocks and shares, have websites like T212 made a different to the stock market?

Obviously the pandemic has as well but I mean with more and more people now buying and selling?


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Doubtful. Even all the headlines about Robinhood moving the market is doubtful. Institutional money is just way too big.


Forget SoftBank, maybe T212 was the ‘Nasdaq whale’ :thinking: :laughing:

Trading 212 recently surpassed £1B in client assets. If everyone bought into the S&P 500, we’d own 0.00435% of it. If that helps out it into perspective


This year only the Fed and Covid-19 have made a difference to the stock market… Oh and Trump :sweat_smile:

T212 and similar websites have made a difference to ordinary folks like me who were tired of being robbed blind by the incumbent investment platforms. It has also democratised investing, which in my book is awesome! Since I opened my T212 account a little over a year ago I think I have gone from zero to 90% Pro :slight_smile: and now I have all the tools I need to win!


I’ll be honest, I’m 72 now and I always wanted to perhaps have a few shares in a company.
Whenever I looked in to it I was baffled, it looked too complicated, didn’t understand what everything meant, there was no internet then to look for information so I let it go.

I happened to stumble on to T212 by chance and at last something that made it more understandable and easy so here I am.
I’m still learning but I’m finding it interesting and also kind of fun as well.



@cavanhagan, which S&P 500 is it, I have a few in my portfolio?

Showing my ignorance now but I am trying to learn lol.

No, not an ETF. The market cap of all the companies in the S&P 500 combined. Adds up to $23T forgot to do the currency conversion in my calculation whoops, so we’d actually own a little more than that. But we’d only really have a bit of an impact if the majority of us sold at once

Please don’t share publicly my portfolio value.