Having US$ ac with T212 to minimise waste in currency conversion fee?

Having US$ ac with T212 to minimise waste in currency conversion ??

I understand Trading 212 should not be paying the cost of currency exchange fee as the currency exchange is dynamic and they have no control of it.

But in my opinion this could easily be avoided by allowing a person to have aUS$ account. That is what eToro is doing. You just need to pay the conversion fee once e.g. when you added the cash in to the trading account. You could recycle that dollar account for trading indefinitely.. Keep in mind with T212 0.15% look small but you rare paying the conversion fee twice when you buy it (£/) and when you sell it ($/£).

You could also avoid this 0.15% conversion at all if you feed Trading212 US$ ac in US$ currency account from external AC. For example, using Revolut US$ currency, or US$ account from another bank that you already have it and it does not charge you for an international transfer.

The current system charging 015% is just a waste as it is very small benefit to T121 as this waste just loss somewhere in the system, and a certain loss for the account holders.

I am fully aware you can not have a non £ account in ISA ac but it could at least be applied to CFD and Invest account.

How does it sound.


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