HCMC Rights Offerings

Hi There, I have heard that HCMC are planned a rights offering, which if approved would allow existing share holder to secure addition shares at approx. 20% market price. I assume when time comes, T212 will notify current holders, can you confirm etc. - or advise on process early. Thx

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Can you share the source of this information? Any specific dates?

Various online news articles… (example provided). Healthier Choices Management Corp (OTCMKTS:HCMC) Falls After Announcing Rights Offering - DRP Gazette

There is no officially confirmed ex-date of the rights issue event yet. Once such is established, we will provide you with more information accordingly.


There is now: Healthier Choices Management Corp. Informs Stockholders of Key Dates and Terms Related to Announced Rights Offering — Healthier Choices Management Corp
Dates posted.
What I’m not clear on is can we buy here or need to go through the nominating broker

Any ideas please? Think T212 need to put out a release on this.

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Eligible shareholders will receive detailed information about the event and will eventually be able to participate, once an official offer is received from our intermediary.

So we don’t have to do anything with contacting their brokers as in the press release announcement? 100% will be able to trade on your platform? Does that include any over subscription rights?
Sorry but with two weeks to go I’m sure people need to have a better idea.

Nothing is requested on your end. Once we receive confirmation from our intermediary, we will disclose further details.

Has Trading 212 made this available to its customers in the past for any other shares?

If this is announced has Trading 212 got the mechanisms in place to make this happen?

Аll clients eligible will receive an email where they can subscribe for the rights issue offer. In the email will be included more details and capital required for it. Once you have subscribed, the funds will remain blocked until the official Pay date. For more information on the topic, please check this article

Yes it has, the latest IIRC was Rolls Royce.

It’s a shame that HCMC Jeff hadn’t made that clear in his videos on this. He could have said something like or disseminated through your authorised broker. But instead he appears to make it very clear that it is only a direct offering through their own intermediary.


Still waiting for my email!!

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The official Subscription period is scheduled to begin on May 19, 2021.

Due to our intermediary, a slight delay in the start of the subscription period may occur.

If the event is officially approved, you will receive an email with details in the next few days where you can subscribe for participating in the rights offering.

More information on the topic could be found here.

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I’m told there more info on Twitter now released today. But I don’t use it so not sure what. No updates on the site news.

Subscription period started, announced on HCMC news.
Confirms that T212 should be able to facilitate this:

Once available, rights holders that wish to participate in the rights offering should promptly contact their nominee, or online trading platform, and submit subscription documents and payment for the shares of common stock subscribed for in accordance with their instructions and within the time period provided by such nominee, or online trading platform.

The broker, dealer, bank or other nominee, or online trading platform, may establish a deadline before June 3, 2021, by which instructions to exercise subscription rights, along with the required subscription payment, must be received in order to allow themselves enough time to process and transmit said documents and payments prior to the June 3, 2021 deadline.

Just need to know how T212 will get it together. As before we are expecting an email.


Still no email!

Is this going to be the normal disinformation from T212 and when the time is upon us, we all realise we’ve been played again?

This is the same T212 brush off we get everyone someone asks about exercising their voting rights as a share holder, only to find they’ve been fobbed off.

@UrbanOutCask They explained above that a delay might occur and that we’ll be notified. No need to be offensive- patience is a virtue


I am also interested in when I will receive this email from T212.
According to HCMC, this needs to be processed before 4th June so it would be good if T212 could announce how they intend to fulfil their obligations for clients wishing to take up the Rights Offering

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We all knew it would be subject to delay, that was expected. A few days were mentioned. We are nearly at a week into with roughly 10 days left on the clock. Not even the courtesy of an update.

Sorry T212, I’m afraid that this is far from good customer service. I’m wondering if contacting the established provider is needed?