More!...Stop Loss Hunting from Trading 212

I thought i would look into this strange stop out i experienced this week from an abnormally long shadow wick in a forex trade. I don’t use Trading 212 charts…i use trade view to find my buying setups, and to calculate TP and SL distances. I just buy/sell on 212 platform. Anyway…after discovering this strange stop out on friday i decided to look back through the carts to see if it can find any other strange looking candles…i dint have to look too far. The same pair EUR/GBP did exactly the same the prior 2 days. You can see in the comparison between charts and the trading 212 charts. I know the spreads differ for each broker but these wicks don’t look like a standard spread situation to me…they look like wicks sent out to grab some resting liquidity!

You can’t seriously think that Trading 212 is manipulating the price of EUR/GBP for a few hundred thousand clients just to trigger your stop loss.

Hi Alex . I don’t think they manipulate price for my trades specifically…what I am questioning is the abnormally long wicks that show up from time to time that don’t represent what is seen on other forex charts.

Do you have any reasonable explanation for this? It would be strange to be stopped out of a trade when the market price is no where near the SL.

These are not trades I was in at the time, the images above are just comparative charts on the same time frame to show the difference in the candles.

Had a similar situation a month ago with Plus500 on an options contract I was involved in.
Bought a CALL on SNAP INC and was back in profit when an hour before closing bell on a Friday this crazy wick took me out and cleared my position/margin.
I emailed support after checking other charts similar and even other CALL positions to see how this affected other options and some charts had this wick and others didn’t…

I got refunded on the Monday due to anomaly.

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@Wazzab Does this mean Bloomberg & the big banks are stop hunting & “grabbing some resting liquidity” too? I highly doubt it.

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Hi David. Thanks for posting the chart example. It’s hard to tell what you are showing on the 2-5m time frame at 00:01…I don’t really have a comparison chart at this time on 05/29…I do believe It’s common knowledge that the banks are able manipulate the market to an extent , but that’s not the issue I am looking at here. It’s more the irregular candle wicks that are not visible on other comparable charts.

It’s a bit like this one but doesn’t show on any other charts


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Unless im being thick here…

It’s either a data feed issue and the markets never reached these prices, so no worries anyways as the orders won’t be filled.


It’s the difference between live data feeds, as shown on Trading212 and non live feeds, such as shown on other websites.

or third option, i’m just being thick - 100% right 50% of the time. :smiley:

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Idk about this example specifically but I’ve defintely seen difference between basically all charts, T212s are different to Tradingview, which is more similar but still different from the ones on Thinkorswim for example, I don’t know exactly how the data and displaying between all these differs but open/closing prices are defintely different for some stocks on T212 than Thinkorswim, this difference is made even weirder when using things like SMA which due to the differences between platforms are also shown as being ‘different’

I’m a pretty new trader so it’s probably perfectly explainable, and it’s not a “huge” problem, but it’s defintely been weird that two platforms can show different things, here’s T212 compared to Thinkorswim, both on AMD and 1H timeframes:

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@Scouse1981 Hi Dave…thanks for the info. That’s great that they refunded you so quickly, I am interested to know if they had any explanation for the abnormal wick. As they refunded you I take it openly acknowledged that it was an error on their part?

Is this connected to this as a similar issue

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@AleRi8 hi dan…thanks for sharing the chart. I have looked at a trading view chart around the same time as your trade, I am 1hr ahead of the UK so the time line is different, but I definitely don’t see any spike like the one you have on the trading212 chart. Did you contact support about it? It would be interesting to know if they are able to explain why such a large spike would appear on their charts only…it just happens to be at the bottom of a bearish trend, which would be perfect to stop out some short positions in a split second.

@phildawson Hi Phil…thanks for sharing that, it’s very strange, it really looks like trading212 are manipulating the spreads or something like that in the charts in order to sweep open positions from time to time. It really becomes more evident when you use other charts for trade analysis. I would like to know how trading 212 explain say these shady wicks.

@AleRi8 @Wazzab There’s no actual spike on Marriot’s chart, that’s a visual glitch which was fixed.

@Wazzab It’s the exact same candle which you showed on your screenshot, the time is different because I’m using a different timezone.

@David @AleRi8 this was not my trade so I couldn’t comment on whether it triggered anyone’s SL. But the more I look back over these charts the more “visual glitches” I start to see. Can a “visual glitch” trigger a SL? In my experience I would say yes…Does T212 have a policy in place for these so called glitches?

@Wazzab Visual glitches don’t trigger anything & they’re not visible in the chart history - what you see dating back are real prices, tradeable prices, not “shady wicks”. Doesn’t the Bloomberg screenshot show that well enough?

@David You seem to be having a lot of issues with your charts lately, Also how would one transfer their account to another broker? As I’m starting to think 212 isn’t up to scratch with all their bugs.

@Wazzab No I didn’t report it to the support team if I reported every bug i find with 212 it would become a full time job :smiley:

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just compared 212 charts with 4 other charts and 212 seems to be miles out from the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

@AleRi8 And gladly so.

  1. We use the BUY price as default for our Investing charts - I’m not aware of any publicly available source, like TradingView, that does that. Usually, the last trade price is common practice.
  2. In your screenshot, you do realize that you’re comparing us with a Cboe BZX feed, right? BZX has 6.68% equity market share in the US & an NBBO quote (best bid & offer) market share of a mere 17.33%.
    We use UTP & CTA. Think of it as an aggregate of all exchanges which delivers NBBO just 100% of the time. So yes, we’re very happy to be “miles out” from the rest.
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