Help for a newbie ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hi guys, completely new to trading so taking it steady and doing lots of learning while I can, this community app seems like a great at to do that.

Iโ€™ve uploaded 3 pics to help explain but simply, I filled a share at 96.90 and the price rose to 97.40. Why would it show a loss and not a gainโ€ฆ?

Thanks for any help

Carl :+1:

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You can sell with a limit order to get the price you want.



Thanks Nick

Carl :+1:

I also dont fully understand how the Return is calculated.
Example: I bought 150 CCL shares with 12.08$ price went up to 12.48$

My Return is 15.00 Pounds OK, but it should be 60$ (150 x 40 cents) โ€ฆ aprox 50 pounds, not 15 right ?
weird stuffโ€ฆ

Not weird really. How has the dollar value fared against your account currency since you bought it?