Help with Transferring ISA

Hi all,

I’m planning to transfer my ISA from Hargreaves and Lansdown to Trading212, but I’m not sure what to put for the transfer instructions.

I’ve just turned 18 last month, so my account was converted into a adult stocks and shares ISA from a Junior one and the allowance has been topped out to £20,000 to deposit in this year.

Last year the allowance (JISA) was £9000 and I deposited around £6000 into the account.

I have around £50,000 invested at the moment which I am in the process of selling into cash.

Could someone tell me what to put in these boxes if I want to transfer the whole thing?


Hi ChrisJ,
Unless you want to do a “partial transfer” you don’t need to worry about details of previous year contributions.

tick the box I wish to make a full current year subscription transfer, put 20K in the box.
tick the I wish to make a full previous year(s) ISA(s) transfer, leave the second checkbox and second text box empty.

for the total amount enter 50K

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Thanks for the help :pray:

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Just to clarify for the first box where you said enter £20k in. I’ve only deposited around £6k in my JISA this year should I put in 6K or 20K?

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the opening of an ISA account in Trading 212. After providing my Tax Number (UTR), I am asked for a Unique Personal Number - does anyone know what this is? Is it the National Insurance Number (NINo)? The NINo is never asked troughout the application form, but I thought this was mandatory in order to create an ISA?

Thanks in advance!

The way you worded this implied you have contributed a total of 20K after turning 18. Put in which ever number you’ve contributed this year in total (does not matter JISA or ISA), and when I say this year, I mean the 2020/21 financial year starting/ending in April.