History tab showing minus total return even though I’m 12% up

So earlier in year I decided to sell all my shares in my invest account and buy them all again in isa account. I was around 9% up overall when selling and could see under history tab deposits, dividends and total return which was over 1k. Have had my ISA for few months and it’s currently up 12%. However under the history tab the total returns is showing as minus £35 and I can’t work out why. Any ideas? Should the total return not be same amount my current ISA account is up which is currently 12%.

the return section of the history is based on the result of your transactions and is not a display of your current value until you sell and realise the profits. the returns in the ISA account don’t carry over from the Invest account, so this suggests you closed a position in the ISA at a loss in order to move those funds to a different stock.

your ISA may be up 12% in unrealised gains, but until you sell and lock in those profits, this will not be added to the ISA history returns.

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That makes sense. Thanks for replying.

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