Will it be January sales on stocks in 2021?

Newbie here so hopefully not a silly question - and following on from the thread Re. Getting out of UK stocks…

Does anyone think there will be bargains to be had come January if there is high volatility due to Brexit whether there is a deal or not?

Are you holding off investing now in order to save up a pot of cash to take advantage of this or investing as usual?

Any particular stocks to look out for?

If I’m honest I think there is a sale now if you are too look at the FTSE 5 year chart.

There are some that say a no deal is already factored into the market, but it’s all a matter of opinion of course. They keep extending the date so maybe they’ll reach a mutual agreement?

I’ve just started a UK pie but I’d hate to say now is or is not the right time as I’m not experienced enough to give that kind of advice. All I do know is that I’m investing long term so it may not have detrimental implications for me either way.

I don’t think anyone knows.

However, there are a few stocks out of there that I am interested in, but seem a bit expensive to me considering the whole situation with the pandemic. I am waiting to see if there is significant Brexit or Covid “volatility” and they dip significantly, in which case I would buy them then.

I think that what is factored in is a “basic” trade deal. In my opinion, if by any chance there is a “no deal”, it is likely to cause a significant dip in UK stocks and a more moderate one in European stocks.

As you say, it is all opinion. No one really knows.

Very true and only time will tell; I’m quietly confident that a compromise will be made. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking though :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve started my pie for the UK and intend to invest weekly in it for the next month or so to see where the land lays.

Lots of UK shares on sale, I keep eyeing up Unilever as it goes lower and lower, currently 4.5% of portfolio, but at these prices I wouldn’t bet against me adding more :smiley:

Many have anticipated for sometime that regardless of rhetoric, both sides doesn’t want another major economic earthquake in addition to the one already caused by covid-19.

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