How diversified are you?

Interesting. :smiley:
What european stocks are you very “bullish” on?

I agree with the “more down to earth valuations”, I am actually even more overweight than you on European (including UK) equities. We will have to see if it works out :smiley:

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ASML has been performing extremely well lately.

In my opinion, a lot of gems can be found in the UK. For example, in the “AIM” Market, which thankfully is available in T212. According to my personal risk appetite, I decided to go along with some long-term plays also there.

The “AIM” Market involves smaller companies with a higher degree of risk and less liquidity. Please do your own due diligence.

As for which European stocks I am bullish on. To be honest, I’m not keen on sharing any tips on stocks. The reason is that, even though I do my research, I buy a company according to my criteria, which may be different from person to person. Also, a lot can go wrong. I wouldn’t want to drag anyone else down with me in case something goes wrong. :slight_smile:

Though what I can say, is that in my opinion, I believe there is some growth to be found in the “Tire Market”. :v:


I’m not that diversified but I’m betting on innovation.

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What that?! Are you running a fund @Nate306. I’m currently at 38 securities and I feel like I can’t keep up with it in addition to watchlist for potential addition.

There’s no way you could keep on top of 606 securities (balance sheets, income, cash flow, news etc) which may suggest you’re speculating and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s the strategy you want.

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Question for all, during this correction have you noticed if you are successfully diversified? Whole market broadly is down but some people are down 30-40% others not down by more than a few %.

Good chance to learn any overweight leanings in your portfolio during these times.

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It’s knocked me quite a bit. Probably around 12% bits it’s hard to say as I took some profits a couple of weeks ago.

How about yourself?

Currently I think its about 5-6% down from where it was pre ‘correction’ however I have added a bit of cash during so some of that used to buy dips may have impacted exact figures. But it held up pretty well due to diversified stocks (industry wise) and value plays that came to fruition (BP, HSBC, JPM).

I’m about 5% down. I’m a bit overweighted towards Tech (inc. Amazon, Google, Docusign, Roku, Peloton) but I knew that so diversified over the last month or two.

If this happened 3 months ago I’d have a bigger problem.

Berkshire Hathaway 23%
Wells Fargo 11%
GSK 7%

When from approx. 29% to 17%. A decline of 13%. Since recovered to approx. 22%. Took time earlier(sadly too early but pleased) in the downturn to rotate/concentrate more on my high conviction stocks.

No :joy: I didn’t intend to do this, it just sort of happens with everything I do, I started off with maybe 12 tickers most of which you’d expect but I took profits on most of those and cycled out a while back.

You’d think but Certain sites make it pretty easy to do, just multi tab/screen & scan through them while you’re doing other things, after you read enough you get through them pretty quickly; it did take alot longer at the start but I know what I’m looking for now and I journal trades individually with small bits of info tracking their progress which makes it easier due to not having to compare every little detail on the report with the previous one so much as make sure there are no serious discrepancies.

News is harder but I have a near constant stream of notifications and messages in regards to whatever happening at that moment while usually having analysis or news on in the background which display important pr, investor briefings or financial data & occasionally decent sources to learn from, I’d say it makes my life easier but it really doesn’t, I miss peace, quiet and not knowing about the latest business trends in india or who just bought what in Mozambique :joy:

Plus I don’t generally trust everything other people say so take it all with a grain of salt. I screen cap and go through & verify the relative information & sources related to new & old tickers, add to a relevant watch list, which are all categorised depending on what they are, if they’re short or long term plays, all the leveraged shares, which of my favourite funds/investors hold them, where they are in the world, what they do/are etc.

There’s a couple of speculative plays in there for sure, but most are backed up by pretty good fundamentals or I bought very low last year, I’m just not heavily weighted towards value :sweat_smile: - workhorse/ride which I consider to be speculative both collapsed into oversold territory on bad news coupled with the correction and bad fundamentals, they’re currently close to my average so might have to move that money else where but otherwise I haven’t really had to sell out of anything for a loss during that correction hell some of my stocks were up on entirely red days :joy: hopefully that’s over for now but it seemed over due & I guess I know my theory that you’d have to crash the entire market to bankrupt me is true, at least for the moment.

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Oh and to begin with I used this as a point of reference/way to try out riskier moves - no one cares about paper trading but it’s a useful tool in terms of keeping a journal/figuring out the macro environment in a risk free manner - my actual portfolio beat the paper trading one before the correction but dipped harder during due to less value plays and more weighted towards risk.

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I realised I needed to diversify my Isa just as the correction began, so I had a major reshuffle. I had a 34-stock portfolio focused on growth, which had doubled in a year, so I sold the lot.

Replaced it a few weeks later with a couple of passive ETFs to track the world and a handful of investment trusts to hopefully offer some outperformance. It seems luck was on my side: bought back into SMT and others at rock bottom of the recent dip.

The best part has been the move into 100% collective investments. I’ve gone as far as to uninstall T212, Webull etc. There’s a significant opportunity cost to individual stocks and I’d sooner pay Vanguard and Baillie Gifford about 0.3% a year to do it all for me.

Similarly, I had 4 pies with a total of 60 stocks. Some I did DD on and some I just liked the company. My aim was to cut these back as I knew 60 was insane. I think on my initial cull which took about a month and a half I got down to roughly 30. I kept these for a while and then culled back to 23 in the space of a week. I am happy with the 23 I have. I might add back in BP which i sold for profit during the dip to buy more SMT.

During the dip I went down to minus 13% and was held up mainly by BP, JPM, DIS. All the boomer stonks and sectors.

Note also due to tax reasons in my home country of Ireland I don’t want to invest in ETFs, so my diversification is stocks and trusts.

I now have 3 pies:

“Boringly Safe”: 4 Baillie Gifford trust funds
“YOLO”: 5 speculative or risky growth stocks
“Buy and Hold”: 14 stocks from various sectors; banking, finance, ecommerce, utilities, transport, logistics etc.

For the next few months my plan is to buy Ethereum in the build up to their updates and new scaling. (For those who may have seen me bash Bitcoin to the ground in the past, you may think I hate crypto. I don’t, I think Blockchain is great and Ethereum has huge potential.)

Also this week I’m off work so bought 2 shares in Gamestop for a bit of entertainment. I have already symbolically adopted a baby albatross from the profit off it. It’s a Wallstreetbets trend I can get behind🤷‍♂️

You can be highly diversified with as little as 10 stocks and be not well diversified at all with over a 100 stocks.


I try not go higher than 15 on my top 1

I’m not sure if these numbers mean much (if any) about diversification.
Looking at my overall top10 screams “THIS IS NOT DIVERSE” bunch of China ETFs, and a few tech stocks.

StoneCo Ltd. 4.95%
First Trust Dow Jones International Internet ETF 4.15%
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 3.67%
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited 3.13%
KraneShares CSI China Internet 3.12%
KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders 3.12%
NVIDIA Corporation 3.02%
Digital Realty Trust, Inc. 2.91%
Equinix, Inc. (REIT) 2.91%
Broadcom Inc. 2.57%

1: 4.95%
5: 19.02%
10: 33.55%

I’ve got a massive 44 different companies in my pie. A mix of companies from the magic formula and stockopedia rank stocks.

Most of my picks have a mix of increase in free cash flow, increase in revenue, decreasing shares and PE below 20. Hopefully I’ll make 10% per year. I’ve got off to a good start by selling Biogen at 43% profit.

Biogen’s days are numbered in my irrelevant opinion, good choice