Terrible Customer Support

I opened an account directly at trading212 site and after that I found we can win some free shares when following a referrer link. So, I searched the FAQ on how to close my account (I will open another one thru referrer). It was said to request account closure by emailing info@trading212.com. I did that and got no answer for a week. Then an automated message was sent pointing me to the FAQ! FAQ says I should handle it by email, so I replied stating that. Another week and no answer or any contact so far.

Makes me wonder how reliable is this company for trusting my real money in there since they are unable to answer a simple request!

Congrats on going all through the process to get 1 share of Ford or similar. :clap:

literally took the words out my mouth.

Forget your free share, and use the platform as it’s intended.

You’ll get worth more than a free share if you continue using the T212’s free platform. Trust me.

And if you ask nicely, maybe they give you a promo code for a free share, or find one on YouTube, if the account is new promo codes do work.

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@gelson I’m sorry to read about your experience.

Here is what happened:

All emails related to the “Invite a friend” promotion have a lower priority compared with the rest of the inquiries. Thus the reason why you have experienced a delay before our team to reach you. On the other hand - the automatic email sent later on aims to provide you with some useful articles until we manage to solve the matter manually (if needed).

Nonetheless, our team is already working on your ticket, and you may expect an update in the next couple of minutes.


Please give give us Update when you get some answers.
They should solve the Issue, it happen to me as well but just moved on and did much more with the App. I remember for it only when I read your post.
The App is easy to use with some recent updates and friendly interface - You will make more money if you focus on the potential which T212 is providing.

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