How does this happen?

Wait what phone are you using? The buy and sell button is different on mine

I have a Xiaomi

Its cheap Chinese, it’s actually alright tbh.

shorts are now in losses totalling $6 billion lol this is gonna be one to remember and the reward will make it all the better

Cool is it Android OS?

Yes it is, what phone are you using?

It’s insane, market is insane

This isn’t about investing. This is now a
MOVEMENT! Break the backs of the HEDGE FUNDS who are always manipulating the market to THEIR ADVANTAGE!


I use iPhone so the app interface must be different

Yeah fair enough but I know who’s going to win when SEC get involved and start prosecuting.

its a movement :slight_smile: hedge funds have been manipulating the markets for far too long now and now, theyve shafted themselves and want the people not to take advantage of it? Lol this is history in the making the prices this could go to as its an never ending loop for them