How is the stock for a referral program selected?

Hi, I would like to ask whether there are some rules by which the stock given from referral program is selected. I talked to a couple of people and in 11/12 instances people got easyJet stock. One lucked out with Snapchat. I don’t want it to look like I am complaining about a cheap stock, but when almost everyone gets the same stock, it seems a little suspicious.

it’s random among a pre-selected pool of stocks. mine were more often under armour shares, but between me and the people I referred we have 3+ different stocks, none of which were snapchat or easyjet.

I used the referral program almost two years ago and I received one share of Shell one share of Nike and one share of Disney.

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Interesting. I and all 3 of my referrals all got the same stock which is EasyJet. Bad luck I guess.

I got in alphabetical order:

1x Bank of America
2x Ford
1x National Grid
1x Progress Software
1x Royal Dutch Shell
1x Starbucks
3x Under Armour

Most referrals I think actually funded a chunk into their accounts, so you know all earned :crazy_face:

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