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Even after reading the Trading 212 Referral T&Cs (, I am not quite sure of how it works, especially with stock share selections.

I have invited quite a few of my personal as well as not so personal friends using my referral link, and every time I successfully invite someone new, I receive basically the same exact stock share every time (2 exact same ones to be more specific).

However, I have never received a stock share worth more than £25, in about 13 referrals, I have only received 1 that is the value of £25, but none anywhere near £100 / €100 etc.

I know that the T&Cs do not specify the lowest value the stock share can be, and also does not state the chances of the each value group of stock shares, but having the same 2 stock shares over and over again?

I just want to know, for everyone that has used the referral program, have you ever received a stock share worth anywhere near £100, or at least above £50?

Just curious on the chances of each value group of stock.


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The distribution is not even. Expensive shares are rarer. Still, our invite a friend program is far more generous than anything else on the market.


I got Ford share. So, I do not meet your £25+ criteria.


I had twice Ford :frowning:


Referred 10people now 6 Ocado and 4 ford. Nothing over £13


Pretty much the same for me. I haven’t seen anyone so far getting the rarer stock shares of a higher value.

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It didn’t work twice for me, even making the registration together with someone, the referral was never linked to me… the support said that it’s probably my fault for being using adblockers (we did the registration in a clean Chrome installation).
So I don’t refer the platform to anyone anymore :man_shrugging:

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I have used 5 referral and got identical shares between myself & my invitee.

  1. Ocado £12
  2. Ford £7
  3. Ocado £13
  4. Ocado £13
  5. Ocado £12
    I can understand the chances of getting high value stock would be lower compare to under £15 face value. But strangely getting same shares between both seems like a balance between stock selection.

I think the free share referral’s should be categorized in 2 or 3 groups based on investment size [Silver £5k-£10k /Gold £10k-£15k /Platinum >£15k] figures can be changed.


I’ve had Bed, bath and beyond, Ocado, Snapchat and AMD. AMD is the best one I’ve had, did 36% as well before I sold 0.8 of it.


Interesting. That’s a very wide range of rewards compared to most users I have encountered so far.

Out of the replies and referrals from my friends, you’re the only one that has shares other than Ocado and Ford.

Seems like the chances for the higher tier shares (AMD, BYND SNAP) is lower than what the allowed referral limit is.

The people I have referred had ford (x2) and the other one had Ocado.

One of those people referred someone else and they both got Ocado.

Hi @Ivan I just joined the platform like 3 days before the referral program was suspended in Spain. I find that quite unfair… I would like to get some referral link as some of my friends are interested on trading platforms and it would be a nice win-win strategy to invite them to join Trading 212.
Thanks in advance. Fran

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I second that. Robinhood still offers a free share for referrals and they have millions of users :slight_smile:


Same happened to me… I used someone’s else link but it didn’t work. Support said it was due to Adblock. Unfortunately it is not possible to add after creating the account (before first trade).

I think that RH does not work in Spain :confused:

Robinhood is only supported in the US. Although, they are introducing their services to the UK in the following months, and they might expand to some other European countries.

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It’s not really surprising. The vast majority will be at the low end. People just need to put their expectations more in line with reality…do you complain when you don’t win the jackpot on the lottery? Of course not

It also makes sense that I sold 5xFord and 2xBed Bath & Beyond…doesn’t make sense to get 10 different stocks all valued at £10…people should just be selling their free shares anyway

How long does it take for the free shares to hit both accounts?

I’ve referred a friend with my link, we both have cash in our accounts but nothing’s appeared and it’s been about 5 working days :frowning:

I recived many refferals which were like 2 AMD, 1 UBER, 1 GE, 1 NG, 4 F, 6 OCDO , 1 SPCE

My highest is Starbucks, followed by AMD

In my opinion the shares offered from Trading 212 are higher on average compared to FT.

Here is a video I made about free shares I’ve received.