Money deposited!

Hello, i’ve deposited 100euro like 10 days ago before i’ve made the ID verification and they told me to wait to check the documents and after my money will show on the site but i didn’t send the proper documents. Now i don’t want to send again the documents for verification and i want only to get my money back. When i will get my money back if i don’t send them the documents for verification?
I’m assuming that the balance is in hold. I just need some infromation, thank you!

why not just submit the proper documents to get verified and you can go ahead with your investing/trading? It seems odd to go through with the decision to join only to give up and want out because of a technical hiccup. :sweat_smile:

Well i want to know how this things are working and i’ve made the decision to stay on the demo platform more and investing/trading with real money later in the future. I need that money that is on hold and even if i didn’t needed i have to know what is happening with my money

The money will be held with T212 while they verify your account so while I’m not sure, I think you can request the funds returned without completing verification but it will take time for the funds to reach your bank account again. It could possibly be faster to ensure the verification process completes so this won’t be an issue when you next deposit.

Thank you for your response, Dao. I’m waiting now for someone from the staff to come with the response.

@SvaFlrn The funds will be allocated in your balance once your account is verified or refunded back in case you request it. Our team already sent you an email about what documents will be required - be sure to check it out. :+1:

As of the required time for the refund to show your balance - it depends on the used payment method, but in general, it takes about 2-3 business days.

I know and i’ve checked the message and i sent a replay, but i’m still waiting for a replay from you guys because i don’t understand what i have to do next. I’ve made a post 2 days ago on the community because i don’t know how to handle the problem about my name being different on the account and the documents i’ve sent. I myself can’t find that inforamtions i’ve put and i can’t change it. I will wait for an answer on the e-mail and then i will decide what i will do with my money. Have a nice day !