Withdraw Funds ID Verification - Issue - ✅ Solved

Dear Trading212,

My girlfriend is trying to withdraw £1500 funds back into her bank account.
We have been outside of the UK for more than 3 months staying at her parents’ home in Poland, so we cannot use a utility bill as ID proof.
The bank account she is using is registered at a different address than the residence address she signed up with.

We are really stressed and worried about not being able to get her money back.

What can we do? Please help us.
Kind regards,

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@FyveTrader Sadly I would not be able to disclose any information related to the account of another individual, however I can assure you that you have no reasons to worry about the situation. Currently there are numerous options of obtaining various documents issued online and they are perfectly acceptable.

Please ask the person in question to send an email with a short explanation of the situation to id@trading212.com and we will be able to assist further.

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Sure thing Michael. Thank you, she will send an email over as soon as possible.

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Also, how long should it take for there to be a response via email?

We were meant to be travelling back to the UK this week, so it would be good to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I understand that the offices might be already closed today, but if it gets resolved tomorrow that would be fantastic.

Thank you,

@FyveTrader Typically a response is provided by the end of the next business day.

Hi Michael,

We have corresponded with Trading212 via email and the issue has been solved now!
Thank you very much for you help and support.

Best regards,

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