How often do you rebalance?

Just a quick question how often does everyone rebalance their pies?

If you are investing long term, once a year is good.

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Thanks for replies. Yes will be long term have about 20 stocks in Pie at moment. Not sure I’ll stick with these stocks long term yet just playing around with the new feature

I won’t be touching it, I’ll just let it slowly rebalance with every deposit


Good idea I’ve just seen if I were to invest more money I can choose the self balancing option. Forgot about this option

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Anytime I change the allocations I probably will, I’ve been experimenting recently so have rebalanced a few times already but deffo won’t be in the long term.

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I just added a stock to my pie. Next time I deposit money to my pie, I choose “Self-balancing” funds then will be used for underweighted holdings. Since new stock is at 0% it will get priority.