How to Access the Portfolio - Trading 212 Invest

I’m sure I’m being incredibly dense here, but where do I click to access the portfolio? I have tried Googling it but everything starts with “Click on Portfolio…”

Okay, but WHERE do I click?

Sorry for asking such a dumb question lol but I really have looked everywhere on the screen. Clicking on “Portfolio” in the bottom right of the screen just brings up the value. It doesn’t give me any further options for pies etc.

if you are on the beta:

If not:

Thank you for the info. On the app I can find it, and in the beta it is obvious where to click. The non-beta version does have that same pie icon, but it doesn’t open up the options for pies, it simply shows me what instruments I have. How would I find this section in that version? In the meantime I will use the beta version though, thanks for that link.

pie functionality is really really limited in the non-beta, I didn’t even know they were added to the non-beta version (last time I looked at the non-beta version pies weren’t included there), probably to prevent the disappearance of pies when switching between beta to non-beta. For me, pies created in the beta do appear there but upon trying to do anything the following appears:

So I guess nothing really changed in the non-beta version meaning you can’t do anything with pies there, but now you can see your pies there at least.