How to find the Trading212 version of Germany30 on Trading VIew?

We have the Germany30 index on the Trading 212 CFD platform:


I wanted to look at this index on the Trading View website, but there are so many different versions of it I actually can’t find the exact one that matches up with the price on T212.

Or does Trading View lag a bit, therefore I’ll never be able to match the prices exactly?

If anybody here has a Trading View account, can you help me track it down?


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I use DEU30 on tradingview


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Like most things on tradingview there is a delay unless you have bought real-time data. If you like working with the tradingview charts and haven’t bought real-time data you can use this link which has live data and uses the tradingview charting software.

Oh it’s delayed. That’s a pity. I just wanted to use their alert system for moving averages. Oh well. When I’m a billionaire trader then maybe I’ll cough up for a subscription :slight_smile:

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@Gbr I’m checking the chart now and it’s frozen. Closes at 16:30 it seems, however it’s still going on T212.