I can't invest in ROVR despite it being listed in the availability list


I recently opened my an “invest” account with trading212.

There is one stock that I have been watching: $ROVR (Rover Group), that was recently added to the list of available stocks. However, when I try to find this stock to invest in within the app, it does not appear anywhere.

I have checked with a friend that has a trading212 account in the same country as me (Spain) and he is able to invest in the stock normally. I wonder if this is a bug or whether it is a normal feature for newly opened accounts.

Thank you very much for your help

It’s normal for new accounts. You don’t have access to all the instruments yet.

To add, assuming you are a new EU customer, the EU arm for new signups was only recently setup. I think there is a post somewhere that 212 are rechecking and adding securities available on the old EU(UK) side of the business to the new EU(Cyprus) entity as available for sale, with a target of late September to complete the process.

Hopefully someone from 212 will jump on this thread and confirm.

Good luck with your investing!

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Hey :wave:,

@Dougal1984 is indeed right. We are constantly expanding the instruments list for our EU broker (Trading 212 Markets Limited). We plan to reach the equivalent of T212 UK in late September, at the soonest.


Hi Bogi,

Thank you very much! that is clear.

I recently downloaded the app and wanted to start investing but I noticed that some people have a much larger amount of stocks available than I do… I have 431 stocks to chose from while other people have over 1000. Why is that so?

Also I can see the same for many ETFs. Is there a particular reason for this, and if I wanted to add these to a pie, could I do that. And if not, is there any plans on adding this ability?

Thanks for your help.

How long does it take to get all the instruments then?

there is no fixed time, however as mentioned by @Bogi.H above:

hi team,

I referred a friend here in Luxembourg,
he cannot see any of the stocks, could you please explain why ?


@David @Tony.V

Hey @Jeffrey_C

Your referral, might not be able to see all of the instruments, for the reasons mentioned here, but if they can’t see any of the stocks, that may require a more in-depth investigation. I’ll DM you right away so that we can look into this :male_detective: