I know its bad to publicly admit when your service is down, but user comments are worse!

I know its bad press to put out a tweet or some info that says “We are down and you are likely to be loosing money” but the hundreds, possibly thousands of comments from real users is not really much better. Human nature is we all shut up when its going well but will quite happily form an angry mob when it’s not.

Can we get some official communication about what is going on and an ETA as right now it just looks like you’ve run off with our money and old reddit posts from 2 years ago are resurfacing which seem to confirm this.

Sincerely - Everyone


A lot of people lost a lot of money. Official public statement is a must for a professional broker.


How they handle this now will tell a lot of people about what sort of company they are. I for one wait with bated breath.

We understand the inconvenience, and this definitely isn’t how we want you to feel, guys. We’ll resolve this in the fastest possible manner.

We’ll keep you updated in the following thread:

That was brutal,worst timing at opening

We are very sorry for the downtime! It is painful for the whole team when something is not functioning right and we are disappointing our customers. You can be sure that lessons have been learned and we are working hard to prevent such failures in the future.

What happened:

There was an unprecedented spike in client activity. Some of our services didn’t scale properly and the performance of the system degraded dramatically. As a result, many of you couldn’t log in for about an hour.

How are we going to do prevent such failures in the future?

We’ve found the weak spots and we are working on optimizations.

We’re setting new scalability goals so that our infrastructure is ahead of our client growth.

Side notes:

We should have posted a “We have a technical problem” message on Twitter so you would at least knew what was happening. But that wouldn’t have stopped people from making negative comments. There’s no elegant way to handle such situations. The solution is to prevent them.

The reality is that until yesterday we’ve had a stellar uptime. Yes, there was a similar issue in 2016. That was 4 years ago.

We want to be completely honest with you: we cannot guarantee you 100% that there will be no downtime in the future - it’s a very complex system and we are releasing new features which you demand at an unprecedented rate for this industry.

What we can guarantee you is our total dedication on preventing it.