Can't get an answer from customer service


I sent an email regarding an empty monthly statement, but all I get is this automatic reply.

When I reply to it I just get it again.

And since I’m here, why did I receive an empty monthly statement?

EDIT: I have a verified account and I’m trading on this platform for a month now

Hi there,

I’m not aware if this is correct for your circumstances but an empty montly statement sometimes relates to a product/service you may not be using.

For example, I use the ISA account, but I also receive an empty statement for the CFD account sent through,because I do not trade on the CFD platform.

Make sure the account numbers tally to the product/service you are trading.

Lastly, Trading212 will get back to you, have no fear about this. They are super busy right now with the current economic timing + the backlog of Transfers coming into their system. Wait a little longer and all will be answered for you.

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Thank you. That was the case. It was for CFD and I didn’t use it.

I still think someone should look into this because it seems that after I get that automatic replay, my ticket gets closed.

When I reply to it, I get an email saying that the ticket is reopened and few minutes later again that automatic reply about account verification. (And I believe the ticket gets closed again)

Glad you got a resolution to your issue.

More than likely the team were due to reply back, but are busy dealing with others questions posted prior to yours etc.

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@Svudec Thanks for sharing this - I’ll check it further.

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I got a reply today after reopening it.
Thanks @Tony.V and @adm for help :smiley: