If you think yesterday was bad 🙈

So, seeing as a lot of people have a lot of emotions carrying over from yesterday’s “drama” I thought I’d share how the last 8hrs or so have went for me to, hopefully make you feel a bit better.

As some of you might have noticed the WSB crypto version is taking place at this moment in time and, seeing what it’s price was going to I had a :bulb: moment remembering I bought a load of these a few years back as was buying heaps of alsorts of cryptos. Law of averages says the more you have the more chance you’ve got of holding the one that’s gonna moon. Quite a few have mooned though but, this one in particular was doing nothing at all so was forgot about.

Having tried to get into my wallet it’s locked and, as it’s been that long and I use so many passwords it’s hard to keep up at times… well I forgot the password to get in!!! Not to fear though I’ve got the back up keys saved :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: wrong :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil: I give the phone away to a family member that’s phone had broken and I’d just got the latest one out at the time so give them it. My iCloud goes back but I stupidly never backed my iCloud up either :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:

Moral of the story is this, never forget about any assets you hold whatsoever :money_with_wings:


That is unfortunate :grimacing:

Maybe you will have a moment of divine inspiration soon and miraculously remember the password?

I’ve been trying to remember my password for one my btc wallets for the last few years but no joy and, to make things that little bit more tasty… I jumbled my seed words in a sequence so if anyone seen them they couldn’t use them and I can’t remember the sequence I did it in :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Maybe some hypnosis could help? :thinking:


tried it mate, wasted another £150 doing three sessions of it. Tried to throw in a few healthier traits whilst at the sessions and I must say, worked for a week but that was it. I will keep trying though

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Oh man, that sucks. I do hope you manage to get in somehow. That’s my worst nightmare. Congrats on the gains, though? :see_no_evil:

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wtf. That’s gotta hurt

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only thing ive gained is another “it was at this moment that James knew… he fawkd up”


its not as bad as the few Btc wallets with a combined 22.8 btc amongst them. At least all the wallets ive lost access are helping create scarcity in the market so ill take refuge in the part im playing at helpling it grow that little bit faster

You are blowing minds atm. probably end up in daily mail and Independent column. That’s a potential ~$30mil down the fkn drain mate.

potential mate of the losses in last 5 years is not worth talking about but, hindsights a wonderful thing. Its been expensive education :slight_smile:

Fuck. That is the biggest dose.

What platform did you use?