Minus Net result?

Having a little trouble with my net amount made.
My sell limit for 2 shares was at £48.25.
Fill Price was completed at £48.25.
This is for the VUSA ETF.
Not sure why the net result is -£1.30?
Any thoughts?
Kind Regards

@David any help on this matter? :slight_smile:

How much did you pay to buy?

FX impact :money_with_wings:

Sterling account used to buy sterling GBP Vusa, so dont think its that

I bought more shares, but im not sure if that affects this limit sell, as i sold 2 at the limit price but it still shows negative. A bit unsure.

If you click on the instrument name, under the graph, you will find “Average Price”, is it higher or lower than £48.25?

The average price is £48.71 which is higher. Makes sense in that way, just unsure how it directly relates to this limit sell ticket when the shares i originally bought for this was at a 2% lower price, guess the way the calculate it must be off the average i guess. Thanks again, hope this is the answer.

Nothing to do with the type of the order, simply you sold at a price lower than your but price. Every time you add to the ame shares, the price buying price will change to reflect the average price. You can’t choose some shares to sell.

Ah fair enough guess i sold for lower than the average price as opposed to what i bought some cheaper stocks for. Thanks for letting me know.