Increase position size

@Team212 is it possible to increase the position size for Zoo Digital, ticker ZOO listed on AIM?

Average volume is 375k, but max position is 12k. Could this be 24k?

Thanks team

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Hi is it also possible to increase maximum position size for Knights Group, ticker KGH?


@Bogi.H is this something you could help with please?

Sorry to disappoint you here. For the time being, we won’t be increasing the position size of Zoo Digital (ZOO). The current position size adequately reflects the instrument’s market conditions. If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

We’re checking your request about Knights Group (KGH), though :hourglass_flowing_sand: I’ll update you once I have any news.

I still struggle to understand why you limit and choose the customers risk on such tickers. It’s their money to lose.

I can’t remember the exact explanation but there is risk for the broker as well. Multiple customers may buy the same stock and for T212, the total position of all customer shares in the stock will potentially be enormous. By limiting the stock, T212 are covering themselves against scenarios such as a panic sell by all their customers of the stock at the same time. By not limiting it, they risk customer A succeeding in selling their entire position and customers B, C, etc being unable to sell due to lacking liquidity.

Happy for anyone else to chip in if they can explain it better than I can.

How would you feel if I dumped a huge chunk of a penny stock on the market and the SEC launched an investigation into T212 for pump and dump scheme. Maybe shut down their access to the OTC for 30 days and you were locked into your trades with everyone else.

Would you still say that’s an individuals risk to bear? Or do we all bear that risk?

That’s why you’re limited.


Hey @Bogi.H is there an update on KGH ?


We increased the maximum order & position size of Knights Group (KGH) to 9649.

Can you increase the maximums for BRK.A please @Bogi.H?

A max order of 1 share and a max position of 12 is utterly ridiculous!


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Awesome thanks @Bogi.H :kissing_heart: