Initial Features missing (IMO)

Recently started using T212, a few features that I have found missing that (in My Opinion) would benefit when trading

  • an area to show which shares/funds/pies are still pending investment, should match up with the allocated funds
  • When searching/viewing stocks, highlight if it is already in a pie (+ which one), or individual investment
  • Withdraw a section from a pie to keep as an individual investment, and rebalance all other slices
  • More funds such as - Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund
  • Low cost SIPP
  • Integrate with budgeting/money apps such as Emma
  • On the pie landing screen, somehow highlight the auto-invest schedule ie Week (Fri), Month (6th) …

There are quite a few other site doing the following, like Snowball, but would be a big benefit to have all in 1 tool

  • Calendar of estimated Dividend Key Dates
  • Estimated Dividend Value (+ Calendar of historic Earnings?)
  • Benchmark overall fund against FTSE (or Other Index)

Some great suggestions here - thanks for your feedback, @rhyswoos :pray:

This is already possible by using the Export function of the Pie feature. With it, you can take a slice or multiple slices out of a Pie and move them to your general portfolio or another Pie.

We’re already considering some of the other mentioned improvements, for example - SIPP accounts and a dividend calendar, as they have been amongst the more popular suggestions in the past. We’ll let you know once we begin working on any of them. Let us know if any other ideas come to mind in the meantime.