Instant Bank Transfer Barclays

I’ve tried several times to use the instant bank transfer feature to deposit money from my Barclays account into my invest account.

It gets as far as allowing me to choose the account I want to link in the Barclays app and then shows me this error message:

I have tried this multiple times after opening and closing the T212 and Barclays apps (iOS), tried on several different days over the past couple of weeks and I always get the same error. I have no trouble with using this account to pay for anything else. Any help is appreciated.

A. Google search shows

Barclays will show error OBA52 when the user is trying to initiate a payment over their daily limit.

Barclays has different daily limits, depending on the type of account and if it’s a new or existing payee. Please see a comprehensive list of payment limits in this article.

Thank you very much for the helpful reply. After seeing that Barclays have a £2000 payment limit for new payees on the list you provided, I was able to instantly deposit £2000.

I hope that next time I deposit, since T212 is no longer a new payee, I won’t come up against this problem.

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