Interesting STNE option activity

Sure. I’ve heard of ‘StoneCo’, I saw they were a meme. I then looked into what the business were doing and saw that it was pretty innovative. Then I moved apartment twice. Then briefly checked the stock price again and a few news articles. Then moved my entire life to The Netherlands. Then checked a few more news articles. At the moment I’m 7 pints in and in a hotel room but things are going well.

In all seriousness, my research has been extremely high level at this point as I’m in the process of moving country, but this does look like an exciting and promising company to me. I will report back. Edit: 8 pints.


this is very common for any stock that has lost value (not even newsworthy), I mean very very very common usual vultures in US

I know this is for the long term, but I’ve timed my entry to a tee here…… not


Haha, I’ve done a lot worse, as long as it’s long term, don’t worry.

This is why they say never try to catch a falling knife. It’s an attractive stock and naturally people want to jump in at a good spot :slight_smile:

You know people keep saying “buy the dip” like it’s the wisest thing, the problem is no1 knows where the dip is.

I’ve seen @Vedran write in another thread (BABA?) something like “the dip keeps dipping” :trolleybus:

edit: to set the expectations on this, I don’t think there’ll be a massive jump until the politics in Brazil settle down, and new legislation about credits. so probably not soon :slight_smile:


Buy the bottom sell the top? maybe this bottom turns out to be top? @42$ :partying_face:

Stone co looks like an interesting stock. But in your opinion how does it compare to Mercadolibre’s MercadoPago payment system? Are they competitors or complimentary to each other?

Who knows! All I know is that I’m incredibly leveraged with my five shares, so let’s hope things change otherwise I’m on eating only beans.

And when I say beans I don’t mean hienz, I mean aldi beans :flushed:


I pulled the trigger and got in with a massive 1 share at $35.23. Feel free to ask me anything about high risk investing.

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Good job, welcome aboard.

I timed this with Palantir as well which was really cool……

Is there a prize for timing the bottom?

Yes, you get to maximise your gains in the short term

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Ok I’ll wait a bit longer then :upside_down_face:

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Good timing on Palantir, @Jobloggs. :+1:t3: :wink:

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Sidenote: I also own some MELI (not as much as STNE but still) I have the answer to your question down, but I want to reiterate and stress how raw and virgin payment market in South America is. There is room for quite a few companies.

Answer: They can be considered competitors in some manners but not really. I’d let MELI head of investor relations, Federico Sandler answer this and I’ll just write down some quotes:

  • “They are a company we admire very much”
  • “They are much faster, better technology, their sales force is very capable”
  • “When you look at the payment spectrum, we are actually customers to Stone by the way”

I rarely share details which involves monetary amounts, but this one is a bit for “putting my money where my mouth is” (hopefully I’m not putting my foot in my mouth)

So yeah after telling Vedran, “I’m not buying anymore” I got baited and bought more :smiley: I’m only human and despite reading in every source, I still struggle to “act without emotions”


Hi @kali,

Full disclosure I also have MELI stock (but opposite to you in terms of having more than Stone). I have also seen that Motley Fool article and describing StoneCo as a “Neo-merchant acquirer” geared to "sophisticated merchants "with “thousands of store”. But looking at their website their products seemed to include/marketing to small businesses and microbusinesses. The area that MELI are targeting!

But like you I think S.America is big enough for both providers. But not as confident for Pagseguro Digital (PAGS) who is stuck in the middle of them.

I would be interested to see how Sea Limited (SEA) fare in S.America!

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Whats gone wrong with STNE recently, just checked price after this post, $31 ouch, I only had a very small position but glad exited at $77 in hindsight, this has dropped more than BABA :smiley:

That was a cheap shot!

Just remember there’s always someone worse off :wink:

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Haha, i didnt mean it like that, more that I hadnt though many stocks outside of meme things had gone down as hard/fast as Chinese stocks recently.

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